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Now that the new year is finally here, Cosmonauts events are back!

We hope your 2022 is in full swing and that you are ready to get back in the mix with your colleagues and other industry professionals at one of our events this year!

After a successful plunge back into in-person events last year, we are excited to restart many of our international event series and expand our branded conferences to all corners of the world! We still have an array of virtual and hybrid events that you can take part in, but we can’t wait to actually see you without needing a screen!

Our current events span from full blown high attendance conferences, bespoke hackathons, summits and webinars, to crowdfunding campaigns. 

Checkout the timeline of events we currently have listed for 2022 below:

Cosmonauts Events

Partnered Events

Virtual Events

We have even more events lined up throughout the rest of 2022!

With so much to look forward to, there are also multiple opportunities on how to get involved with our events! Whether it’s attending, speaking, partnering, or sponsoring with us, our events are growing rapidly and we would be thrilled to have you join us!

We are excited to pick off from our successes from 2021 and turn them even bigger for 2022! If you would like to see our year in review blog, which nicely sums up our 2021 achievements and gives a good idea of what to expect for this year.

Wishing everyone a year of fun, success, and plenty of Cosmonauts conferences!

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