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Have you ever continued to follow up on a sales prospect only to find yourself leaving message after message in their inbox or voicemail? The biggest challenges today’s salespeople face are:

Establishing urgency

Getting in touch with prospects

Overcoming price objections

So how can exhibiting at a conference, event or exhibition help?

1. Memorable Meeting and Connecting with Prospective Customers and Networking

“Networking can save time, money, get you in front of the right people and offers cross promotional opportunities”

Creating a memorable meeting can be the difference between a customer and some conversation we had in 2018. Making business is all about connections, relationships and trust. In an increasingly digital world, it is all too easy for businesses to lose that all-important personal touch.

Networking isn’t just a way to source new clients, but also a way to find new business partners or collaborate with other companies. In competitive markets, it is key to have partnerships, and trade shows allow you to form alliances with other industry related companies which can help you enter markets that you might otherwise struggle to break into. Alongside finding what works best for you, events are also a great way to understand how you can help other businesses, through passing referrals or joining forces on a particular project.

2. Lead generation 

When it comes to the benefits of events, this is one of the biggest. Not only do exhibitions, conferences and trade shows have very high attendance numbers but also they are usually targeted to the industry.

Simply being present eliminates the challenge of connecting; your audience is already in front of you; now go claim them. Attendees will come to a trade show with the goal of sourcing, discovering, or acquiring products and services that will meet their needs, so all you have to do to clinch a deal is showcase the positive features of your offering.

However, while not all deals may be finished on the spot, a lead can now be quickly moved through your sales process, with additional follow-up required.

3. Competitor analysis 

Gaining a deeper grasp of your competitors can aid you in gathering important data and evaluating your market position.

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great opportunity to learn how your competitors operate, see what they have to offer, and understand their approach so you can compare your overall success to theirs. 

If everyone is in the same boat, you never know what else you might share; there could be a project or service overlap that could turn your competitor into a future partner.

4. Unique offering

The difference between a flash sale, which could be perceived as a sign that business is slowing down, and a one-of-a-kind event offering can mean the difference between closing a customer now, organising a decisive meeting or losing a warm lead. Setting a sense of urgency and being adaptable with your sales structure can put you ahead of your competition in the room and increase your closing sales percentage significantly.

Make sure you’ve established your objectives before deciding on a special offer strategy. The type of discount you can offer will be determined by your objectives. A client’s need or need for a percentage discount may not be the same as their desire or need for further extras, additional advantages, or more.

There are different methods to employ discounts, and the best results can be achieved by mapping out a clear strategy.

5. Brand awareness

A brand is one of the most valuable assets you can have, it’s how people perceive your company, how they feel about it and why they support it, meaning a well-known brand is something every business should aspire to.

Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness among industry professionals and key decision-makers, as they provide the ideal setting for you to explain and convey the value of your product or service.

There are also additional advertising and sponsoring alternatives that will leave a lasting impact in the minds of your audience, in addition to taking a stand. Create eye-catching graphics that interest the audience, strategically place your brand and message throughout the space, and include social media information for potential customers to find you online to get it right.

Now you must choose the event that best suits your business; we have listed 5 technology and innovation events below where you can sponsor and secure an exhibition booth:

Legal Tech Events
Future Lawyer Week Series – https://www.futurelawyerweek.com/ 
FLW UK – https://www.futurelawyerweek-uk.com/ 
FLW USA – https://www.futurelawyerweek-usa.com/ 
FLW ASIA – https://www.futurelawyerweek-asia.com/ 
Legal Innovators California – https://www.legalinnovatorscalifornia.com/ 

IP Events
Dublin IP and R&D Summit – https://www.dublinipsummit.com/ 
London IP Week – https://www.londonipweek.com/ 

Space Events
SPACEtalks – https://www.spacetalks.biz/ 

Agricultural Events
GAIA – Global AgriTech and Innovation Assembly – https://www.gaiaevent.com/

Learn more about Cosmonauts events on our Events Page.

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