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Let us introduce you to what you can expect from our Cosmonauts events; we take pride in organising best-in-class in-person events that put the right people in the same space! Read up and watch our video on why you must attend a Cosmonauts event.

Community Building

Cosmonauts take pleasure in creating an environment in which you may build a community of like-minded industry professionals. We want to be a part of the future of every industry we operate in, so sit back, relax, and find your crowd in one of our unique event venues. We are giving you the opportunity to learn, share, and network with your colleagues in the industry.

Be inspired and learn

We have world-class speakers from the most prominent industry businesses, governments, public sectors, investors, Blue chip, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and start-ups. We invite thought-provoking specialists like you from across the industry to attend and offer sponsorship opportunities to the most innovative and forward-thinking companies.  You’ll also meet the team Cosmonauts, who aren’t a bad bunch either, so you’ll be able to learn and be inspired from every perspective.

Meet the Experts…. and actually get to know them

We recruited the brightest and best to join our prestigious team of event speakers, including Sirs and OBEs, engineers, innovation enthusiasts, industry experts, and successful tech investors and entrepreneurs. People you genuinely want to talk to and who can motivate you.

Network to your heart’s content

We provide a variety of networking opportunities at our events, whether you are a sponsor wishing to exhibit and talk to your target audience or an attendee looking to meet like-minded people and learn from the industry’s best. 

Breakfast, lunch, and private dinners, Hackathons, and other related activities are all available. Pre-event gatherings, product demos, and roundtable discussions to round out a full day of conference, giving you the opportunity to explore your ideas based on the day’s content. We design a system to help you reach your goals and objectives while networking.

The right people in the same space

We tailor our methods to target not only the best speakers, but also the audience/attendees at Cosmonauts events. We create boutique events that attract the optimum number of people from all around the world to assure a high-quality experience. We don’t invite 3000 people from different backgrounds, but perhaps 3-400 industry professionals like yourself that you’d like to speak with.

Meet the solutions providers of today and tomorrow

We bring the most innovative, forward-thinking solution providers to display and demonstrate high-quality products that can help your organisation grow. From exhibiting, to product demonstrations we give them the platform to wow you.

A brief history of Cosmonauts

Cosmonauts has presented a wide range of conferences since its founding in 2016. Our events are focused on technology, innovation, and investment, and have evolved from legal technology and intellectual property to Space Commercialisation, Agriculture technology and Environmental/Green Technology, with our most recent industry sector, Tomorrow Matters (environmental tech) launching in 2022.

Our own brand events are commercially focused B2B conferences are a proven platform for buyers and sellers of innovation to share ideas, experience, venture into new partnerships and learn from some of the brightest minds in their industries.

Our tried and tested production formula for our own brand events are created from the ground up, putting the right people in the same space. We curate topics of conversation that are unique and thought provoking to leave you with a great experience.

Take a look at our growth over the years.

Find out more about each of our events, through the event websites.

Future Lawyer Week Series –

London IP Week –

Dublin IP and R&D Summit –

SPACEtalks – 

Legal Innovators UK – 

Legal Innovators California – 

Global Agritech Investment Assembly – 

Tomorrow Matters – 

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