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This week Cosmonauts have worked on two client webinars which we have designed, developed and will be producing. Our webinars are fully customisable depending on the scale and budget of the client whilst we use a multitude of hosting platforms and marketing techniques to drive the best results for our clients. This week we have:

StartX and Nexus Events’ Digital Health Innovation Series:

This is the first episode of the series and it will explore topics and discussions around the delivery of Healthcare during the Covid era.

Held on Tuesday, 22nd September, The StartX and Nexus virtual event will be packed with speakers, panelists and one-on-ones with healthcare industry CIOs,CMOs and CMIOs from across the country, sharing their insights on how care is being managed today in the wake of COVID-19.

During the event the attendees discovered:

  •  Experiences about successes, failures, lessons learned and opportunities from other CIOs, CMOs and CMIOs.
  • How CIOs and CMOs priorities have shifted post COVID and what approaches they are taking to accomplishing their goals.
  • The latest trends in remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and contact tracing.

Nexus Events system  held virtual mixers by pairing up attendees using their matching algorithm in order to enable virtual networking and provide the attendees with the opportunity to make the most out of this virtual conference.


Creating Sales Excellence with Dynamics and Microsoft Teams

Scheduled to take place on Thursday, 29th September, this is the third virtual event of the CRMCS series. The 3 panelists team aims to give valuable insight into why B2B global specialists such as PJ Valves chose Dynamics 365 to manage and grow their sales performance as well as learn how the Dynamics 365 and AppSource approved experts CRMCS helped PJ Valves intelligently integrate Dynamics 365 and Teams in a highly complex sales environment. Learn more about Dynamics integration during the fascinating Webinar and see how you can grow your business.

During the event you will discover:

  • How we create B2B Sales Excellence
  • About collaboration in the Sales Team
  • How the use of Dynamics drives Team Collaboration
  • Getting the right view of Projects and Business Partners in Dynamics
  • Using Dynamics for Supplier Relationship Management

This event is designed for Owners, Directors & Managers using or about to adopt Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Teams. The above, are highly advised to book a place on this Webinar. Sales, Marketing and/or Technology department staff with an interest in collaboration or looking to improve performance from Dynamics 365 or Teams will gain significant insight into best-in-class methods to achieve sales excellence. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

To find out more about this event follow the link.

For more information on our events, you can find out more on social media or through our blog page.

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