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What a journey it has been! We can’t believe that SPACEtalks 3.0 has come to an end – time really does fly when you’re having fun!

It wouldn’t have been possible without all our attendees, speakers and sponsors so here’s a big THANK YOU for being a part of this year’s exploration into the world of space commercialisation. Your contributions are what made the day so enriching and insightful. We hope you’ve found this experience to be enlightening and that you feel a little more connected to fellow space-lovers in the industry and have already been putting your knowledge into good use!
From various stimulating panel discussions to informative presentations and networking breaks, we here at Cosmonauts have enjoyed every moment of SPACEtalks. Which is why we’ve already started planning SPACEtalks 4.0. Hit the button below and pre-register today!

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Set in the pioneering Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, SPACEtalks was an insightful conference filled with thought provoking discussions on space related topics covering space inclusivity, earthly logistics and supply chain, sustainability, SPACs, IP, and much more.

Feeling a little nostalgic and wanting to reminisce on the eventful day? As a small ‘thank you’ we’ve curated a round-up of our top four moments of the day. So keep your seatbelts fastened as we give you a quick taster of SPACEtalks!

Robert (Bob) Gibbs’s Keynote Speech 

Imagine being so dedicated to your field that you hop on a Zoom call at 4:00am to deliver a keynote speech. Robert Gibbs’ (Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA) not only amazed us with his dedication and knowledge on the space sector, he opened SPACEtalks 3.0 by highlighting the constantly changing nature of the industry. 

Under 60 years ago we put the first man on the moon, and now NASA is working to return human-kind to the moon with the Artemis mission, set to launch in 2023. In 1990 the Hubble telescope changed our understanding of the universe, and this year the James Webb Space Telescope reached its final destination on January 24th, the most powerful observatory to ever be launched into space!

While we can’t predict exactly where the space industry is going, we do know one thing, it can only go up.

IPO 2.0 – No SPAC no SPACE?

‘No SPAC no SPACE’ was a thoughtful discussion on investments in the space industry and the role SPAC should play, chaired by Timo Karakashev, CEO and Founder of Cosmonauts. The rise of SPACs in the space industry have created a culture of excitement, pressure from FOMO and crazily inaccurate projections and unsustainable investments. There was a general consensus that regulation was needed for more accurate valuations and to stop the bad apples from spoiling the bunch.

SPACEtalks 3.0, Panel, Cosmonauts

Stand Alone Presentations

Throughout the day we had the privilege of being joined by many individual speakers sharing the latest developments in space commercialisation:

Ray Stott, SpaceSpecialists Ltd, discussed the ‘challenges and opportunities for the global space industry’ in which he shared his insights from 30+ years of experience in the space industry. Many attendees were overheard saying that they loved Ray’s exuberant speaking style throughout his presentation!

Dr Alastair Barrow, Generic Robotics, spoke on ‘teleportation, haptics and a hands-on approach to servicing the final frontier’ which looked at the importance of the sense of touch in virtual realities. Attendees commented on Alastair’s great energy in his talk too!  

Robert Elliot, RAL Space, explored STFC in space, sharing the risk of space innovation through access to experts, disruptive technology and national facilities.

Andrew White and Posy Drywood, Mathys & Squire LLP, demonstrated the benefits of ‘enhancing company value using IP’ through an effective IP strategy and what that might look like practically. 

Dan Etenberg, LIA Aerospace, introduced ‘additive manufacturing as leveraging technology for space propulsion systems’, used in spacecraft and launch vehicles. 

And Keval Dattani, Space Power, underpinned the importance of sustainable efficiency in today’s space sector.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Manufacturing & Testing 

Ray Stott, SpaceSpecialists Ltd, and the panel team impressed us as they introduced the latest in manufacturing technology, underpinning the rapid industrialisation which the industry has seen. Anyone who attended will remember Axon Cable’s ‘show-and-tell’ of a to-scale satellite, with all its complex wiring, that they put together in 20 minutes! It’s amazing how we’ve reached a level of innovation where such complex machinery can be produced so quickly. Here we come Mars!

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More Space-tastic Events Comet Your Way! ☄️

Like all good things, SPACEtalks 3.0 sadly had to come to a close. But we live in a very exciting world where the space industry is constantly evolving. Which is why we, at Cosmonauts, enjoy creating opportunities for individuals in the space industry to come together and share ideas in a candid setting. 

Sounds good? Reserve your space for SPACEtalks 4.0 on the Cosmonaut rocket ship here:

Can’t wait? Come join one of our upcoming events! Whether you’re an old or new face, we’d love to see you there. Future Lawyer Week UK is returning for the fifth time in May at etc. Venues, St Paul’s in London. To all our friends on the West Coast, Legal Innovators California is finally happening in San Francisco after a two year long wait!

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At Cosmonauts we have a number of sponsorship opportunities specifically tailored to your needs and designed to get your company in front of the right crowd. Our events provide sponsors with the unique opportunity to promote their organisation or products. 

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