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Ruby Datum’s aim is to be a platform with a credible reputation for being intuitive, resilient, and rapid for collaboration. With over 23,000 users & 11 million documents across thousands of deal. They currently serve 32 major clients, but are witnessing a rise in new clients who require more unique capabilities, so they plan to alter features to provide a completely integrated document, data, and task management system.
Through 2021, Ruby Datum has supported Cosmonauts by allowing us to use their VDR platform to inform and keep stakeholders up to date during our in-person and virtual event series, and we’ve formed a long-term agreement for 2022.

Background of Ruby Datum 

When Ruby Datum entered the Virtual Data Room market in 2016 we had quite a limited focus, on data rooms and within the Legal sector specifically. We have continued to focus on our core values around excellence, simplicity, honesty, and transparency by putting the user at the heart of everything we do. By upholding these values we have been fortunate enough to curate some long-standing and wholesome relationships with our clients.

We started to recognise the potential for Ruby Datum beyond the Virtual Data Room market when our clients started using the platform for different purposes. Everything from litigation collaboration, to e-discovery, to general document management, the reasons were often the same, that it was the easiest way to get documents to/from clients, but also features such as the accurate search facility made it an indispensable tool.

What’s next for the company?

According to Founder and CEO, Nick Watson “Ruby Datum intends to invest in expanding our development team on growing the platform further, offering fully integrated task and data collaboration facilities, as well as intuitive workflow mechanisms which allows for huge automation potential with integrations to some of the best tools on the market. Think of Ruby Datum as your future “hub” for all data”.

You can still express an interest in further investing by visiting the crowdcube platform using the link here – https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/ruby-datum/pitches/bAopnl 

A follow up on our previous blog


We’ll keep you updated later this year on Ruby Datum’s progress following the crowdfunding campaign, as well as any further developments they have planned.

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