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How private is private in the COVID era?

With innovation at the heart of technology, it is crucial, now more than ever for enterprises to adapt to the new WFH working style, but are legal firms doing enough to ensure confidential communication too? 

Data confidentiality, privacy and security are primary considerations for all legal firms and, fortunately, virtual data rooms have been able to provide a solution to the industry’s problems. Softwares, such as Ruby Datum, offer the next generation in online data rooms and contract management services which ensures confidentiality for even the most private data. However, what about day to day communications, are they secure enough too?

Many companies use internal communication tools such as Microsoft teams, Google hangouts, Slack etc, and prior to COVID-19, these softwares were sufficient in asking your colleagues what they did at the weekend, and what they’re having for lunch, but now that increasingly professional conversations are happening on these platforms, it’s important to question how secure these conversations actually are. 

Slack protects data but offers no end-to-end encryption. Microsoft teams, whilst they ensure encryption, have been victim to a handful of data breaches in the past 18 months. So who can be trusted?

Blackberry – more than just a smartphone?

Previously a market leader in the smartphone industry, BlackBerry are also known for their security and management potential. However, with the announcement of the sale of BlackBerry’s smartphone patents to Huawei at the end of 2020, it is clear that BlackBerry wishes to relinquish their intellectual property, and in turn, continue their role in the security sphere.

Boasting that no other voice communication system has invested as much in meeting the strictest global security standards, and built for national security, BlackBerry have set their eyes to become dominant in the software security industry. With BlackBerry SecuSUITE®, enterprises can conduct safe and confidential voice and data communications without the fear of a data compromise. 

So, can you trust your conversations aren’t being listened to? If not, https://www.blackberry.com/content/dam/blackberry-com/asset/enterprise/pdf/br-secusuite-secure-comm-built-for-the-future.pdf  

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