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SPACEtalks is a space commercialisation conference in a world of its own, with over 150+ attendees & speakers from organisations including the ESA, BEIS, UKDSC, NASA and the UAE Space Agency!

Join Cosmonauts at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus on April 27th for the third edition of SPACEtalks – for a full day of thought-provoking discussions on, and insights into, space research and innovation:

Can’t wait for April 27th? We’ve got you covered with a sneak peek into our panel session ‘Bringing Space to Earth – Practical steps into making space more inclusive’! 

The Aerospace sector is expanding! According to Accenture new markets are opening up, including commercial space and new forms of urban air mobility. In 2019 the space sector made an estimated $366 billion in revenue, and 95% of that came from the space-for-earth economy. 

In May 2020, the commercial space sector stepped over the threshold between the public and private space sector – SpaceX made history as the first private company to send humans into space! But we need to think broader than this. Why just look up when we can look all around us?

The sector is expanding, and the space-for-earth economy continues to grow. However, as noted at SPACEtalks 2.0, the space industry will only be commercialised once we stop putting space in front of everything.

Join us at SPACEtalks 3.0 to explore how we can make the space-for-earth economy more inclusive. On our panel discussion ‘Bringing Space to Earth ’ six industry experts from organisations including GEN Space, UK Space Agency, and the UAE Space Agency, will be expanding our approach to the space-for-earth economy through an insightful and engaging discussion on topics including:

  • The importance of cross-sector collaboration.
  • Getting the next generation of innovators involved in the space sector.
  • Opening up the space sector for experts in new and different fields.

The incredible and varied line-up of speakers guiding us through this hot topic in the space sector are:

Join the conversation at SPACEtalks 3.0 and explore how we can broaden the reach and accessibility of the space sector. This isn’t an event to miss out on – and with both virtual and in-person audiences it’s accessible for all who want to attend! 

SPACEtalks isn’t Cosmonauts’ only event this year – we have a whole calendar of upcoming events in legal-tech, agri-tech, intellectual property and much more. Check out this year’s full agenda here:

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