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We are unveiling the event partners and sponsors of our third edition of SPACEtalks, taking place at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus on April 27th 🚀

Interested in sponsoring SPACEtalks 3.0? There’s still time! Get in touch by April 11th to hear about sponsorship opportunities:

Event Partner: Science and Technologies Facilities Council

The Science and Technology Facilities Council is part of UK Research and Innovation – the UK body which works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and government to create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish.

STFC funds and supports research in particle and nuclear physics, astronomy, gravitational research and astrophysics, and space science and also operates a network of five national laboratories, including the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, as well as supporting UK research at a number of international research facilities including CERN, FERMILAB, the ESO telescopes in Chile and many more.

Visit for more information.

Mathys & Squire

Mathys & Squire is one of Europe’s most highly regarded intellectual property law firms. Founded in 1910, we have over 100 years of experience in the protection and commercialisation of intellectual property rights, leading the field with insight, innovation and quality.

We are a full-service IP firm with unrivalled expertise in patents, trade marks, design protection and litigation. We work with clients ranging from startups, SMEs, global businesses, universities and public sector organisations. With over 65 qualified attorneys and a dedicated IP consulting team across offices in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Manchester, Oxford, York, Luxembourg, Munich and Paris, as well as teams based in Belfast, China and Japan.

We share our clients’ ambition, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering our teams to go above and beyond what clients expect when it comes to service delivery.

SpaceSpecialists Ltd

SpaceSpecialists Ltd is an exciting portal for International Space Industry Services, offering Consultancy, Recruitment, Training & Talks for the Space sector worldwide.

  1. Freelance Consultants With Space Industry Expertise Available Worldwide
    From large upstream manufacturers in the space segment through to small & medium companies in the launcher, ground segment & commercial downstream markets.
  2. Helping Both Clients & Candidates For A Number Of Years
    By using our extensive global network, we have opened many doors to secure satisfied customers. Recruitment covering both commercial & technical positions in all space industry markets.
  3. Providing Training & Talks To Businesses & Organisations
    Our team of specialist consultants provides bespoke customised training courses to the space industry & talks to any audience worldwide.


Granter is the first Research & Development Tax Credit consultancy to combine the most experienced consultants in the industry with an innovative client portal, guaranteeing efficiency whilst optimising our clients’ benefit.

Eliminating challenges related to:

  • An inability of internal and external accountant teams to maximise credits due to a lack of technical knowledge.
  • A lack of visibility and understanding within the sector to the benefits of the scheme.
  • Inertia and prohibitive consulting fees of other management consultants.


hiSky brings innovative technology to the field of IoT, voice and data satellite communications, offering fixed & mobile connectivity that is affordable, portable and easy to use. Overcoming the barriers that have, until now, kept satellite communication a niche premium service, hiSky uses patented technology, to leverage Ka/Ku-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS), enabling quick and easy connectivity, even in the most remote and extreme locations, accessible and affordable to the masses. Our Smartellite network is the culmination of a R&D process carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled engineers, as well as business professionals, who have fused together their in-depth knowledge, vast expertise and shared a commitment to hiSky’s mission.

LIA Aerospace

LIA Aerospace designs, manufactures, and qualifies bi-propellant propulsion systems for rockets and spacecraft.

Our green, storable, and non-cryogenic propellants reduce risks, storage costs, and infrastructure needed for daily operations.

Currently developing 500N to 5,000N thrusters for multi-purpose missions ranging from spacecraft requiring high Delta-V missions, sounding rockets, and orbital kick stages.

Get in touch for a fast system quotation and mission analysis

If you would like to find out more after seeing our exciting line-up of sponsors, please check out the SPACEtalks website!

Or, perhaps you’re interested in becoming a sponsor yourself?

Cosmonauts excel at putting the right people in the same space and SPACEtalks 3.0 will be no different. With investors from organisations including Seraphim Space, E2MC, Voyager Space Holdings, and IQ Capital, and attendees from government agencies and organisations such as ESA, BEIS, UKDSC, NASA and the UAE Space Agency, the connections provided by SPACEtalks 3.0 are immense!  

If you want to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for SPACEtalks 3.0 then drop us an email today:

Check-out our panel discussion ‘Taking Cautious Risks’ from SPACEtalks 2.0 for a glimpse into what SPACEtalks 3.0 has to offer 

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