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After a successful in-person event by Cosmonauts this past September, Future Lawyer Week UK is bringing back all the best legal tech moments through our webinar series!

The FLW UK webinars are a series of panel recordings from the FLW UK 4.0 conference, London’s first in-person Legal Tech event of the year, which took place back in September 2021. 

This week’s promoted webinar is the panel session “Not One Size Fits All” which took place on the 14th Sep during Day 1 – The In-house Day.

The “Not One Size Fits All” webinar tackles how to incorporate legal tech into your organisation through the question “How to identify the right aspects of your legal operations which are suitable for automation”. 

Chairing this panel was Tom Dunlop from Summize alongside our speakers Tara Fishburne from GBG Plc, Isabel Young from Which?, Sharan Kaur from Josef, and Tripp Hemphill from DISCO. 

Takeaway #1: Implementing legal tech lets legal teams offer higher value

Legal teams often get caught up in administrative and paperwork processes that do not fully capitalise on their time and skills. Tara Fishburne notes how legal teams can offer higher-level service offerings that are unique in the marketplace, when they eliminate the day-to-day legal tasks which are necessary but bring minimal value to customers.

Takeaway #2: You can’t fix a broken process with tech

Isabel Young points out how tech is not always the answer to everything, and the importance of identifying broken processes within legal teams before trying to incorporate new legal tech. Although it can bring much value into the organisation when implemented correctly, the opportunities for legal tech can prevail if a business’ process is functional.

Takeaway #3: Adopt legal tech that makes sense for your organisation

Tom Dunlop stirs up an interesting conversation by asking how important it is for in-house legal teams to have control over the legal tech they implement. The panel discovers the importance of the software not only saving resources, but also through how user-friendly the platform is. Isabel demonstrates that many types of users from sales to legal teams often need to interact through the software, hence it must integrate well with other existing systems in the business.

The FLW UK webinar series will be releasing videos throughout the 

Future Lawyer Week Series

The UK’s fastest growing Legal Tech event series, which is expanding across 3 continents to reach global audiences. The conference brings together some of the top legal professionals and in-house legal teams representing major firms, to network and discuss the trending Legal Tech topics dominating the space. 

Interested in attending our next FLW UK event? FLW UK 5.0 will be taking place from 15th – 17th of May 2022, in London,  and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store! By signing up to our mailing list, you can receive 20% off your event tickets when you purchase them too! 

You can check out our FLW UK website for information related to the event, or request a brochure directly with us at [email protected]

By signing up to our mailing list you will also receive 20% for your event ticket – so make sure to take advantage of this limited time offer!

We hope to see you at our 2022 FLW UK 5.0 event on May 17th – 20th!

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