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With the help of fundraising consulting services provided by Cosmonauts, Cloudworkz is expanding their business. Cosmonauts have helped Cloudworkz share their story in a tangible way while targeting relevant investors. They’re on track to raise over £1,000,000! Here’s the latest update – check out what we’ve been up to! 

Who are Cloudworkz? 

Cloudworkz believes that access to digital technology has the power to make everyone’s work and life easier. They help local businesses, start-ups, and SMEs work smarter by streamlining their business efforts to leave them more time to focus on the things that really make them tick. 

Cloudworkz is a global, B2B, subscription based platform that provides SMEs with in demand human capital, digital marketing and business services. Having developed the tech, gone to market and built go-to-market functionality.

Cloudworkz is led by CEO Tom King, a certified ScalingUp Coach and highly skilled, serial entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience leading the strategic direction of companies within the media, financial and marketing spaces.

Scaling Up 

Timo Karakashev, CEO & Founder of Cosmonauts, connected with Tom with one clear goal in mind – to help Cloudworkz raise the funds needed to scale their business fast. Cosmonauts helped Cloudworkz build their profile on Crowdcube in an effort to more effectively convey the mission of their B2B tech start-up. In addition to shaping the look and feel of Cloudworkz’s Crowdcube profile, Cosmonauts also helped Cloudworks craft a pitch deck, and promoted the firm’s investable assets to potential investors. Cosmonauts also helped guide the creation of a promotional video for Cloudworkz’s funding profile, and after attracting investors from across the world, Cloudworkz is set to meet their fundraising goal! 

Cloudworkz is on track to raise well over their £1,000,000 target within this round of fundraising, with the help of Cosmonauts’ expert marketing and business development consulting services. This new wave of funding will allow Cloudworkz to support many more SMEs across the world with in-demand human capital, digital marketing, and business services. 

Capital Raising Services 

As capital raising consultants, we will oversee and support you at every stage of the fundraising process, from design to delivery. You can expect complete team support from Cosmonauts while using its fundraising services, including guidance on video creation, marketing, and PR tactics. With a personally allocated project manager to manage your fundraising campaign, you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. 

Contact us to find out how we can support your business development. 

Become an Investment Partner with Cosmonauts 

We have built a network of investing professionals who are open-minded, innovative, flexible, experienced, and well-connected.

We serve as an additional resource to present relevant, forward-thinking businesses that can make a difference in their sector and be future thought leaders. We collaborate with a wide range of investors, from institutional to Venture Capitalists as well as Angel Investors, Accelerators and Incubators.

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