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With the help of fundraising support services provided by Cosmonauts, Majoto is expanding their business. Cosmonauts have helped Majoto share their story in a tangible way while targeting relevant investors. They’re on track to raise over £350,000! Here’s the latest update – check out what we’ve been up to! 

What is Majoto? 

Contracts are dull and people don’t understand them. Majoto changes all of that. It is a document authoring and lifecycle solution that uses scalable legal design to create contract experiences that people understand and trust. Rather than just solving for process, Majoto solves for relationships, helping lawyers and businesses create clearer contracts and communicate more effectively. This reduces time to signature for their customers by 50-80%. Majoto is a London-based SaaS start-up with a distributed team. Their private beta product is available for trials, pilots and automation-ready design services. 

Learn more at majoto.io.

Scaling Up 

Cosmonauts connected with Majoto with one clear goal in mind – to help Majoto raise the funds needed to scale their business fast. Cosmonauts helped Majoto build their profile on Crowdcube in an effort to more effectively convey the mission of their B2B tech start-up. In addition to shaping the look and feel of Majoto’s Crowdcube profile, Cosmonauts also helped Majoto craft a pitch deck, and promoted the firm’s investable assets to potential investors. After building Majoto’s funding profile, Cosmonauts researched and approached potential investors from across the world and Majoto is set to meet their fundraising goal! 

Interested in Investing in Majoto?

If Majoto looks like an opportunity you would like to get involved with, get in touch! We’re in the business of putting the right people in the same space and we would love to hear from you. 
Our team is happy to share more information and assist you with your future investments. Give us a call! 

Register As An Investor with Cosmonauts 

Cosmonauts’ customers are innovative, early-stage technology companies with exciting ideas; like Majoto.

If you, as an individual or professional investor, would like to receive information about investment opportunities like this in the future, then please get in touch.

We serve as an additional resource to present relevant, forward-thinking businesses that can make a difference in their sector and be future thought leaders. We collaborate with a wide range of investors, from institutional to Venture Capitalists as well as Angel Investors, Accelerators and Incubators.

Capital Raising Services 

If you are an innovative, early-stage company in need of new capital, we can support you at every stage of the fundraising process; from generating your initial materials to  the post-raise administration. You can expect complete team support from Cosmonauts while using its fundraising services, including guidance on video creation, marketing, and PR tactics. With a personally allocated project manager to manage your fundraising campaign, you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. 

Contact us to find out how we can support your business development.

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