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It is interesting to note that the CBD/Hemp cultivation sector is among the most rapidly growing ones in modern agriculture. As a result, many Agri-Tech solutions have been developed to serve the cultivation and trading of CBD. In today’s blog, we are going to focus on one of them: Cannyx Markets! 

Despite the immense growth to date, the entire CBD/Hemp B2B supply chain is riddled with challenges, and not to mention the regulatory minefield, are creating uncertainty and huge barriers to entry. Procuring a steady supply of quality raw materials, in a safe and secure way, that allows for auditability have to be addressed.

Cannyx markets is a full end to end service CBD/Hemp commodity (raw material) trading platform that automatically matches fully assessed buyers and sellers, backed by track and trace and blockchain technology. It is a professional, secure, cloud based platform of fully vetted buyers and trading partners from all around the world. 

The idea of Cannyx Markets came about just over 2 years ago, with a soft launch just under 1 year ago, completing a pilot and full testing to the stage where it is now a fully working platform. Trading on the platform started on 18th of January 2021.

From uploading inventory, placing orders and settlements, to smart contracts and warehouse and logistics, the features and benefits make it easy to use and a no brainer!

The main benefits of using the Cannyx Markets platform can be summarized as follows: 

  • It is an Approved Market Participants / Members only Platform in order  to ensure compliance, liability and security of trades.
  • It ensures CBD Product Legitimacy – Certified Products, Capability to record batch and tracking information in order to eliminate Counterfeit Products
  • There are certain Buyer and Seller Qualifications – Members only platform with Stringent KYC and AML Processes
  • It has a Global Footprint – Global reach with capability to manage the jurisdictions which you Buy from or Sell to.
  • It provides its users with Market Intelligence – Access to Market News, Real-time Prices and Market Data.  
  • It enables secure trading – Secure and scalable cloud-based solution with Enterprise Blockchain Audit Trails.

In conclusion, Cannyx Markets provides the safe ground for CBD raw materials buyers and sellers to trade on a global scale. More information about the platform can be accessed here.

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