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Duvall Carter
Head of Division – IP

Did I enjoy working from home? Yes, at times, but who wouldn’t. Did I want to work from home forever? Not in a million years! What does your employer think about it all? Some have struggled, but some have flourished and caught on to the long term benefits of a more flexible workforce. In today’s unprecedented global circumstances, leaders are looking for innovative ways to support their organisations and make progress on the path to recovery. 

Financial website of the year, ThisIsMoney.co.uk reported that nearly half of organisations in the UK are looking to downsize their offices as more and more employees want to work from home more often, with many planning to slash travel budgets and focus on virtual meetings (internal or external) instead. 

A survey conducted with over 2,000 organisations globally found 44 per cent are realising the opportunity to save on costs, and are looking at reducing office space permanently. By no means this is the end of offices completely, but with more employees working from home totally, or splitting their time between the office and home more often, it is even more important to ensure a strong collaborative work culture, and this can be aided by the use of technology, such as NetDocuments.

Join NetDocuments and other experts in this exclusive round-table that invites leaders to explore practical solutions to the critical issues facing their firms, including how to manage a new remote workforce, deal with compliance issues, and discovering elusive opportunities by putting a spotlight on technology as the catalyst for future growth.

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