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After a year that shook the world, Cosmonauts is ready and raring to get back into in-person conferences! To be able to do so, we need to ensure all attendees feel safe and comfortable in attending our events. Consequently, we posed a survey to over 100 companies to decipher which requirements, above and beyond local government required regulations, would ensure participants’ safety. Here we discuss the results of this survey, concluding that the majority of respondents would and are able to attend in-person conferences in 2021! 

With respondents from over 100 companies in 4 continents, Cosmonauts is grateful to all those that responded as your feedback and insight into confidence in attending COVID conferences is invaluable. 

It is wonderful to be able to report that a majority of respondents felt confident and look forward to attending in-person events, but this may be up to company discretion, as although over 31% said they are allowed to attend in-person events, 48% state that their company policy is that employees can attend, but it is their choice.

As local government regulations are still in effect, all Cosmonauts events will of course be in line with this, however, we asked survey participants what additional safety measures they would like to have at our events. Above and beyond government regulations, respondents noted a preference for face masks and social distancing, whilst others would also want thermometer checks and health declarations. 

Of those that are willing to attend in-person events, a resounding majority feel comfortable travelling to events with over 100 attendees. It’s great to see that so many people are excited to start attending events again after a long break. 

We hope that by understanding our respondents’ attitudes towards attending conferences in the age of COVID, we can create memorable, impactful and safe events throughout the year and into next. 

Cosmonauts is delighted to host an array of events this year including Future Lawyer Week, London IP Week, Dublin IP and R&D summit, GAIA, SpaceTalks, Legal Innovators UK, and Legal Innovators California. To learn more about Cosmonauts events, click here:

We look forward to hosting you at what will be very thought-provoking conferences with industry experts and specialists in their fields. 

For sponsor and speaking opportunities contact the team at [email protected] or click here.

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