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On Thursday 11th of June we had the pleasure to hold the first session of the webinar series that we are organising on behalf of ContractPodAi.

The session was focused on Legal Digital Transformation. ContractPodAi’s Charles Dimov and Matt Gould were joined by Michael Green of Xero and Gordon Youngson of Transferwise for a discussion about the legal industry and where it stands today in terms of digital transformation. Michael and Gordon shared their ideas and best practices on how the legal sector plans to develop in the future using available resources. 

The first episode of the series drew the attention of in-house legal teams from leading companies across a variety of industries who had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our speakers.

The pandemic outbreak revealed the weaknesses of the legal industry, making it clear that there is an urgent need for modernisation and digitalisation of legal services. In this context, it was particularly interesting hearing Matt Gould, Head of Legal Transformation at ContractpodAi sharing some quick and effective transformation techniques. The content of the webinar has been characterised as extremely engaging and valuable by our attendees who already look forward to the next episode. 

Charles Dimov (top left), Michael Green (top right), Gordon Youngson (bottom left) and Matt Gould (bottom right)

The next episode of the series which will be taking place late July. Stay tuned! Get in touch with us via mission@cosmonauts.biz if you would like a recording of the session.

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