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From the IP department to the boardroom: How IP intelligence and data analysis will enable commercially focused decision making.

Organised by Cosmonauts and hosted by Richard Lucas, CEO of Streamline IP. We will be questioning:

What are the most recent possibilities of Data Analysis and in what direction are we headed?

What is the role of Intellectual Property data intelligence in driving company growth or evaluating corporate strategies?

What could your future role be in the decision making process of your company – as the owner of all this valuable data?

Ask any manager within your organisation what he or she would need in order to ensure future growth of the company, and odds are that most of the answers will evolve around Data Intelligence. It’s the common consensus: data is this century’s treasure.

With the current climate and what’s to come, many organisations must look at cost savings and efficiencies. Not only that, but where have you allocated your budget? Is this still the right thing to do? Validating these decisions, as well as past M&A transactions and future plans must be on the forefront of their minds. There is an immense amount of valuable data held by your IP team that can help with making better decisions, but how do you empower the team to “step up”? Does IP deserve a place in the boardroom? I think yes! Very importantly for IP professionals themselves, is also ensuring that they are validating their own existence in an organisation by stepping into the spotlight and impacting on the big decisions that will be key as we head into, I’m going to say it…..  the “new normal”.

So many questions, all of which will be answered during this free and interactive virtual seminar aimed at IP Owners with multiple global patents.

Join LexisNexis and IP experts across the UK and Canada in a panel discussion about the value of IP Data and the inevitable evolution of the IP role within corporations, deliver practical case studies and interact with live polls and live Q&A.

Key Topics include:

  • Past and present M&A evaluation and validation 
  • Benchmarking and identifying risk
  • Rethinking IP strategy with a commercial edge

Anyone who would like to join this free virtual event can do so by signing up via the following link.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Duvall Carter

Head of Division – Intellectual Property

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