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We are thrilled to announce our equity partnership with Ruby Datum, a pioneer in both the Virtual Data Room and Legal Technology.

Ruby Datum (www.rubydatum.com) continues to differentiate itself from other Virtual Data Rooms given its commitment to client engagement, expanding the system based on user feedback, a clean interface, attentive support and exceptional performance.

Nick Watson, CEO of Ruby Datum: “We have some incredibly exciting features ready for deployment. Too many tech providers feel the need to cram their interface with functions only used by a minority of clients. We believe the future is in collaboration and integration with other pioneers in the industry. We assign a dedicated developer, as well as an account manager in order to ensure integration with the firm’s existing tech is smooth, flawless and engaging.”

Cosmonauts launched at a similar time by Timo Karakashev and the two companies have grown in parallel together. Both companies have helped to curate events across four continents which bring the Legal Technology community closer together, such as the Future Lawyer Week Series, Legal Innovators Series and LawTech London.

Timo Karakashev, CEO of Cosmonauts says “At Cosmonauts we could not be more thrilled to be joining Nick Watson and Ruby Datum on their journey, helping the company build value and scale-up. We have ambitious plans to accelerate the commercial expansion of the product into the USA, Europe and Asia over the next 18 months.

This is the second equity deal we (Cosmonauts) have concluded in the past 6 months after becoming a major stakeholder in Pekama – IP Intelligence Software and Marketplace, a company we run and manage.

Cosmonauts has matured significantly as an organisation bringing a range of new services and products under a shared hub of an innovative business model.

Timo Karakashev, CEO of Cosmonauts & Nick Watson, CEO of Ruby Datum

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