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Ruby Datum is holding a Cosmonauts-organised Q&A webinar series as a limited opportunity for you to ask all your questions related to the fast, secure and easy-to-use tech platform provider!

What is Ruby Datum?

Ruby Datum is a fully comprehensive data, document, and task collaboration facility, that provides a seamless user experience with high-performing and bespoke integrations to your user needs. Their mission is to provide first class service data solutions with a pioneering user experience and great performance at its heart.

Why Attend the Webinar?

  • Get the full picture of the potential Ruby Datum’s solutions can unleash for your company
  • Utilise the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Ruby Datum’s core management team 
  • Ask detailed questions on the key features of innovative tech platform
  • Inquire further about the different integrations and customisations possible with their platform
  • Hear about Ruby Datum’s crowdfunding journey using CrowdCube’s fundraising platform
  • The future of Ruby Datum’s platform

When Will the Webinars Take Place?

We’ve organised 3 webinars for you to conveniently join whenever suits you. Make sure you pre-register to receive alerts when the webinars are about to take place!

  • 9th December 7PM – 8PM
  • 13th December 6PM – 7PM
  • 17th December 8PM – 9PM

We hope to see you all at our webinars, to take up this fantastic Q&A opportunity!

Want to Get in Contact Directly?

With an array of competitors in the industry providing all sorts of features and functions, Ruby Datum seeks to personalise and adapt our service to meet your company’s goals and even the most ambitious of ideas. Contact their team directly today to get more information on their platform or any other queries you may have.

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