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After a stormy February, we’ve made it to the first month of spring. It’s the season of new beginnings, chocolate eggs and Dublin IP & R&D Summit 2.0 (DIPS 2.0)! 

We’ve rounded up the hottest IP news from February, so you can start collecting IP knowledge ahead of DIPS 2.0!

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Marks & Spencer and Aldi call a truce in their Colin the Caterpillar IP Dispute

Source: Aldi Twitter

M&S and Aldi’s IP dispute took over social media with memes and banter back in Summer 2021, leaving many of us to wonder – would Cuthbert the Caterpillar ever be free from IP jail?

On February 1st it was announced that M&S had reached a deal with Aldi, finalised in the high court the week prior. While the details of the deal have not been revealed an Aldi Spokesperson made the statement that; “Cuthbert is free and looking forward to seeing all his fans again very soon!” 
You can read more about Colin and Cutherbert’s IP dispute here

China joins major WIPO treaties

Source: WIPO.int

At the beginning of February, it was announced that China has joined the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs and the Marrakesh Treaty.

From May 5 2022, Hague System applicants can seek design protection in China. The Hague System covers 94 countries, allowing applicants to avoid wasting time and money filing separate registered design applications. 
You can read more about the impact of China joining these major WIPO treaties here.

Art created by Artificial Intelligence can’t be copyrighted

Source: Pixabay.com

If you read our ‘Let’s Talk IP 4.0’ blog you may remember that In December 2021, the EPO confirmed that the inventor on a patent application must be a human being. 

The IP law surrounding Artificial Intelligence is constantly being challenged and updated & the month of February was no exception. On February 18th, the US Copyright Office’s appeal board stated that it won’t depart from “a century of copyright jurisprudence” by granting copyright to an AI for a computer-generated image. Stephen Thaler, the artist and researcher who developed the AI, is planning to file an appeal to federal court. 

You can read more about this recent ruling here.

The EU has accused China of a ‘power grab’ over smartphone technology licensing.

Source: Pixabay.com

Even though China is joining a number of WIPO treaties, the country and it’s alleged patent infringements still remains a talking point in the IP world.

The EU is currently taking China to the World Trade Organisation for alleged patent infringements which are costing companies such as Nokia and Ericsson billions of euros. Officials in Brussels claim that Beijing is making a “power grab” by setting licence fees at around half the market rate previously agreed between manufacturers including Huawei and Western technology providers. 
You can read more about this alleged ‘power grab’ and its political and financial implications on the world of IP here

The New York times has bought Wordle and fans of the game aren’t happy

Source: Wordle.com

Josh Wardle, creator of the game Wordle, sold the game to the New York Times at the start of February for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Josh originally created the game to play with his partner in October 2021, and the game went viral in January 2022. In November 2021 only 90 people were playing the game, now it has millions of daily players. 

However not everyone is satisfied with the game following the New York Times’ take over, with claims that the game has become more challenging with less well-known words such as ‘caulk’ and an increased number of double-letter words. 
You can read more about the New York Times’ take-over of Wordle here.

Left wanting more after this month’s IP update?

You don’t even have to wait for ‘Let’s Talk IP 7.0’ – DIPS 2.0 is just around the corner! 

#DIPS will be taking place between the 22nd and 23rd of March 2022 at the iconic Convention Centre Dublin.

Over two days, the conference will cover the hottest trends in the world of innovation, with a full day IP Commercialisation Workshop run by Mathys & Squire Consulting on day one, followed by a Conference and Exhibition Day, chaired by Joe Doyle of Enterprise Ireland. Once you’ve had your fill of networking and IP intel, wind down at our drinks reception. 

You can find out more about the different speakers and other #DIPS related news through our blogs and event page.

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