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At Cosmonauts, we put the right people in the same space to build your network and connections, in an enjoyable and safe environment!

Therefore due to the recent change in government regulations and the pandemic situation in Ireland, our Dublin IP and R&D Summit (DIPS) will be postponed to March 22nd-23rd.

Although it’s unfortunate DIPS will be postponed, we hope that everyone will be able to keep safe during this time and that DIPS 2022 will bring even more excitement in a safe setting.

The event will still be taking place at The Convention Centre, Dublin and any tickets will be carried over to this new date (you will be notified by our team directly if you are a ticket holder).

If this is your first time hearing about the Dublin IP and R&D Summit 2.0, read on to find out more and how you can purchase a ticket.

Dublin IP and R&D Summit

Dublin IP and R&D Summit is a two-day conference with a full day IP Commercialisation Workshop delivered by our strategic partners Mathys and Squire Consulting, and an interactive IP and R&D conference, headline sponsored by Enterprise Ireland

The conference consists of two streams of discussions looking at the most contemporary trends in the world of innovation, through insightful panel talks, presentations, product showcases and more! You can also find out more about the different speakers and event-related news through our blogs.

If you’d like to find out more information about Dublin IP and R&D Summit 2.0 then request a brochure and drop us a message!

Stay tuned through our social media channels and blog announcements!

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