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Events can provide an array of business opportunities for any company, everyone knows that! One of the biggest benefits of those events is marketing; by being a part of a conference or other major event, you’re directly interacting with not only potential customers, but also highlighting yourself and your company as a thought leader in the sector. We’ve broken down five huge positives of event marketing that we believe make this a vital facet of your marketing strategy.

1. Generates Business

As part of the event-planning process, we take on the responsibility of curating a selection of delegates relative to the event and the topics discussed there. This means the attendees at the event are people who are already a part of the industry, interested in your product, or simply fall into your target demographic. This allows you to pitch directly to anyone and, most likely, make a solid connection!

In a report by Bizzabo, 95% of marketers from businesses overperforming in their business goals stated that they believe providing their event attendees with an event experience that is personalised to their interests is important. By understanding the event and attending those designed for businesses like yours, you can expect to maximise your reach, thus generating new business!

2. One-on-One Customer Engagement

Event marketing provides a unique opportunity to make in-person connections outside of the standard online and software-based business. As the world moves toward a digital future, the opportunity to make these connections has never been more important. Engaging with the attendees at an in-person event allows customers and potential customers to not only help build your brand as an honest, loyal front, but it allows people to humanise it. 

If your marketing tactics aren’t working, events could be your saviour! Despite all of the advances in technology-based business practices, nothing beats connections made face-to-face. Events provide a space free of distractions, allowing customer engagement and attention to stay high, and giving you the chance to truly sell your product or service.

3. Builds Brand & Industry Awareness

Taking part in events is a major way a brand can establish itself and grow. By setting up at an event, you allow customers to associate not only the aesthetic of your brand with the service, but the actual feel of the company. This is your chance to express the business’ ideas, goals, and values in the perfect manner – think of it like a pop-up, directly into a room of curated delegates!

Most events include an educational session (or several), and by being at the event, you can take advantage of everyone learning about your sector and present an example of the innovation discussed. If members of your company are present, events also allow your company to understand competitors and other corners of the industry on a personal level.

4. Raises Brand Value

By engaging with customers directly, the chances of loyalty are increased, awareness is increased, and association with quality is increased. Events are your chance to prove to prospective customers that you’re worthy of being positively perceived and highly recognisable. 

Respondents to a 2020 Bizzabo study who reported belonging to an overperforming organisation said that they not only valued personalised event experiences, but viewed them as a priority. This is because they understand that these events provide an invaluable opportunity to get the brand face-to-face with a fine-tuned audience. Just by presenting your brand, you’re increasing your presence and value.

Of all of the marketers surveyed, 95% believe that in-person events can have a major impact on achieving their company’s primary business goals.

5. Increase in customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction

Events are open to possibility. Whether you wish to pull attendees in with a game or a direct pitch or even host something more exciting like a Hackathon, this is your chance to engage with, inspire, and learn about the people in your sector. By making a lasting impression, you’re directly influencing customers’ retention of your brand – they’re more likely to speak about you (in a beneficial way) to their colleagues, or even recommend your product. And with personal engagement and a positive brand image, their satisfaction with your brand will stay high. 

Events also naturally produce awareness. Customers, bystanders, influencers, media professionals – people talk about what’s happening! A shocking 48% of millennials attend events to share their experience on social media. And a physical event is just that – a massive experience happening; whether it be via a Tweet, LinkedIn Post, or just old-fashioned word of mouth, this is your opportunity to take advantage of people’s natural ability to spread a message.

We love events. That’s no secret. But we love them for good reason! These spaces provide unique, accessible opportunities dedicated to making your business bigger and better. By including them in your marketing strategy, you’re opening doors to invaluable moments with customers, colleagues, and decision-makers. In an increasingly digital world, it’s becoming more and more important to take the time for face-to-face engagement. Lasting, personal connections can be made through the presence of your brand at these events, and those connections increase brand value, loyalty, and overall opinion. Events have proven to be key!

Check out our fast-approaching events on the site and contact us when you’re ready to make your mark!

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