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Despina Souroviki
Marketing and Events Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Despina and I work as a marketing and events coordinator at Cosmonauts.

My everyday work is much more fun than it sounds mainly because I don’t really have what others call a “daily routine”. My job responsibilities differ from day to day, which provides me with excellent ground to activate my creativity! For instance, last week my team and I organised a filming session for one of our Business Development clients here at Cosmonauts, Legal Connection. 

Legal Connection is a communication and collaboration platform for remote legal teams and their clients.  Its features include: secure chat, transparent quoting and billing, document collaboration and even third party managed accounts.  Legal Connection is the platform of choice for client-centred law firms.

Legal Connection is ready to start its first funding round and our work is  to support them all the way to achieving their goal. In this context, we converted our London Office into a filming studio last week and filmed Guy Stern, CEO and Co-Founder of Legal Connection, pitching the platform to prospective investors. Our team worked on the script and made sure that Guy would include all the information that could draw an investor’s attention. We filmed again and again until we reached the desired outcome. We are now during the editorial stage, ensuring that the video is perfect. 

We’ve been working with Guy Stern for quite some time now and we are very proud to say that our collaboration has been really fruitful for Legal Connection business development. Guy has done plenty of product demos through us and we are confident that his funding campaign will be successful too. The truth is that we have enjoyed working with the Legal Connection team, since we share the same enthusiasm for tech and innovation! 

It is quite common for StartUps and Scaleups to look for access to finance through crowd funding. It is very important for their survival and growth to find, approach and have on-board the right investors. Our team of experts in business growth consultancy has designed a tailor-nailed plan in order to help Guy and Legal Connection to secure the funds they need.  

At Cosmonauts we are industry agnostic but at the same time we have a keen interest in technology and innovation. Having worked with clients across all different industries, we have the experience to support you from A-Z throughout the process of achieving your business development goals. When taking over to advise on your business growth, we work close with you from project conception to complication.  You meet your prospects, we do the legwork!

If you have a great idea, but you are struggling with business development or sales, drop us a message  – we know how to help. If you want to book a free consultation email [email protected] and we would be more than happy to discuss your business prospects with you.  

Stay tuned for the Legal Connection video! It should be available on social media shortly and you will get to take a real taste of our work! 

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