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2020 started with a lot of unpleasant surprises for Cosmonauts as all of our Legal Tech and IP shows had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. However, the year is closing with a very pleasant surprise. Sribestar, a SaaS technology operating in Fintech Market Infrastructure, enabling structured data and the digital transformation of capital markets security issuance, has chosen Cosmonauts to design and deliver its investment raising campaign!

ScribeStar is currently undergoing a small raise that will bridge them to a Series A raise in Q2 2021. They are looking to raise £500k, out of which existing investors have already committed over £300k meaning there’s £200k available to new investors.

The platform evolves the way participants work today by introducing structured data in the background to digitise and automate the non-trading processes for issuance. This enables deal teams and exchanges to create complex financial documentation, issue, manage, and oversee securities, faster and cheaper. 


The platform replaces legacy processes and systems with a single, cloud-based, secure and efficient data platform with features including collaborative (multilingual) drafting, verification/fact checking, regulatory checklisting (multi-jurisdictional), “Just In Time” publication where multiple users can independently work on different parts of the document at the same time, automatic typesetting, printing and distribution.

The product was launched in 2017 and has now matured over 4 years with improvements having been constantly made to make it work in the way lawyers like.The money raised will be used to continue to reach out to UK law firms as well exploring a new opportunity in the US. This has a huge potential but won’t be proven until mid 2021.

ScribeStar have entrusted Cosmonauts to take care of their end of year crowdfunding raise campaign from planning to implementation and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them and their much promising product. Hence, the year couldn’t close with a better way for Cosmonauts than supporting our client to hit its investment target by applying our proven methodology! Stay tuned to learn more information about the campaign and the ways that you can get involved. 

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