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FLW UK 4.0 – Day 4: What we have in store for our Litigation Day



Welcome back to our new blog series for Future Lawyer Week UK 4.0! Perhaps one of our favourite parts of the year is launching FLW, where we get to see industry professionals discuss the most thought-provoking legal tech trends and news out there. This year is our fourth and most exciting launch yet for the UK, and in case you have missed it we have been able to announce the new dates for the event: 12-15th July 2021. This means that FLW UK will run as planned in line with governmental regulations. In this edition of our insider blog, we are giving you insight on Day 4 (15th July 2021): Litigation Day! We have a wide range of speakers from various backgrounds for this day, which you can always check out here. 



Day 4 will carry on our intriguing legal tech discussions, with finding more answers to big and daring questions. Why and how should one use technology in dispute resolution? The first panel of the litigation day will feature speakers from professional solicitor backgrounds and legal partnership experts to discuss implications in this. Our “Can’t Run a Marathon Without Training” panel will also dive into the new tools in support of private practice law firms and in-house legal teams when it comes to pre-trial preparation.



Something we have not discussed before this day is regulations in implementing tech. After all, while each day of FLW discusses the ins and outs of implementation, and the benefits or drawbacks, the small writing on the bottom of the page has not been discussed yet! AI terms and conditions aka legal technology laws and regulations will be an important feature in day 4’s panel discussions. We have of course not forgotten about this: the ‘What’s in the box?’ panel of day 4 will feature speakers that know all about the current regulations of AI in litigation. 



What’s next? How about the future of legal tech in litigation? FLW UK will use all four days to discuss what is happening currently. There is no better way to conclude this fantastic event series, than with an insight into the future, to set our attendees up for the next year! Day 4 will finish the series by discussing the future of data analysis in litigation and looking into how online litigation will impact the future of courts. Our “See you in Court! – or Not”? panel will answer the last big question: what does the future hold for litigation? 



There you have it, your FLW UK 4.0 insights, and all you need to know about Day 4! The day is fast approaching, and our next blog will introduce you to some of our speakers and sponsors for the event! Don’t forget, you can request a brochure and find more information on the new website here. FLW will also be brought to you in the US and Asia too, you can check this out here.



If FLW UK is not quite the event you were looking for, we have a wide portfolio of packages for all your business needs! Find out more about what Cosmonauts can offer you here.

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