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Hey you! 

Do you work in the Agriculture and business sector? Are you available on the 18th of October? 

If you answered yes to these questions that means you could fill one of the few speaker spots left in our AgriTech conference, The Global AgriTech and Innovation Assembly (GAIA), landing in London as part of the Cosmonauts’ Tech Week!

GAIA is an annual event that brings together Pioneers from the Agri-Tech sector, leading Agribusiness Firms, Government bodies, Associations and Farmers from across the world.

GAIA’s primary objective is to provide the space for discussion and debate on the leading issues in a sector that is constantly required to innovate. As we must balance the ever-growing demand for increased output against a duty to ensure a sustainable impact on our planet.

For instance, we are curious to find what type of ideas can take shape at our panel session ‘Meat the future | Livestock’. The conversation opens asking our speakers  ‘How new technologies such as sensors, hardware, machine learning, monitoring devices & cloud are used to optimise meat production’. 

Where is the right balance between satisfying the meat production requirements and making it sustainable?

GAIA constitutes an excellent opportunity for anyone who is keen to peek into the future of agriculture and business.

The conference will cover trends, technology, best practice and innovations within topics such as indoor agriculture, meat production, sustainability, open air farming, modernising business models and much more. Together we will debate about the future of one of the most important sectors of every world economy.

At the event you can expect to learn about the new developments in Agricultural Technology, Update your business management practices and find out about the latest trends in the Agricultural Industry. 

Come join us and become a speaker at the event!

Contact us for any speaking opportunities enquiries at [email protected]

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