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Join Cosmonauts for an IP Commercialisation Workshop during London IP Week 5.0! 

London IP Week (LIPW) is right around the corner! Join Cosmonauts this September as we hold this renowned event in its fifth edition. LIPW 5.0 will be held at the beautiful etc.Venues, St. Paul’s, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the most contemporary trends in the world of IP. 

Interested in hearing more? Check out our website for more information about LIPW 5.0 and to purchase your ticket!

In addition to two days of conferences, London IP Week 5.0 will also include an IP Commercialisation Workshop! The workshop is taking place on 19th September 2022 and is being hosted by Mathys & Squire Consulting. 

IP Commercialisation Workshop 

Ownership of intellectual property (IP) is often viewed as confusing, expensive and – on occasion – unpredictable. This commercial and interactive training workshop, led by Richard Nugent and Brian More of Mathys & Squire Consulting, has been designed to guide business leaders, startups, innovators and those engaged in new revenue opportunities through all aspects of the IP lifecycle. 

During the workshop, our presenters will share best practice guidance on effectively and efficiently maximising the value of intangible assets, providing attendees with a commercial understanding of the importance of IP and steps to help put into place an effective IP strategy. They will present a variety of case studies and real-life examples to support the content. 

About Mathys & Squire Consulting 

Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd has a proven history of delivering high-quality IP training,

mentoring and coaching workshops around the world including the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. Mathys & Squire Consulting uses its unique “realising value from intangible assets” model within its workshops and trainers will go through all aspects of the IP lifecycle to ensure delegates leave with a greater sense of confidence in managing and leveraging value from their organisations IP and intangible assets. Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd advises companies on how to maximise shareholder value from their intangible assets. Our industry-leading strategies for intellectual property, management solutions and practical IP advice services support start-ups, SMEs and corporates in their commercial growth objectives. We connect the dots on the path between innovation and commercialisation, walking with clients on this journey.

How do I sign up? 

All aspects of the IP lifecycle will be covered, including the creation, capture, protection, value and exploitation of IP! Join us as we discuss best practices and expert tips and get your questions answered during the interactive Q&A session. Visit our website to get your ticket today!

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