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Tomorrow Matters is a revolutionary event. But what’s on the agenda?

Tomorrow Matters aims to connect the amazing innovators in environmental tech to investors, educators, and the public. This unique event is packed with networking opportunities, engaging panels, and open discussion. Taking place on October 26th in London, this is an unmissable event! Keep reading for a sneak peek at the Tomorrow Matters agenda!

So, why environmental tech? In a fast-changing, disastrous situation, our future could rest in the hands of start-ups and researchers working to adapt technology to the climate crisis. These solutions aim to not only lessen our negative impact on the environment, but create alternative routes to completely erase harm at the source. Between deadly heat waves, wildfires, food shortages, drought, and increasingly-terrible natural disasters, the planet’s change is making itself present in all of our lives – and we need to act.

As the climate changes, we have to keep up with it. Adaptation is a constant in technology – especially environmental tech. The sector is expected to reach $44.4 Billion by the year 2028 and is forecasted to continue to grow, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.4%. With such a massive amount of growth just in the last few years, interest and awareness are more important than ever. 

Tomorrow Matters is a content-packed conference that brings environmental solutions directly to investors and the public (the ones that can really make something amazing happen!). Between product exhibitions, panel discussions, and stand-alone presentations, networking breaks take priority, giving you the opportunity to get your foot in the door with new (and old) connections. TM is designed for the entire sustainability value chain, providing an exclusive platform for participants to share and gain insight of the entire sector – that means that, just by attending, you’ll be involved in creating a better tomorrow.

We have a lot in store for the conference already! Here’s a sneak-peak:


  • ‘Powering Tomorrow’

This panel analyses the importance of maintaining renewable energy as an economically sustainable venture. This includes an in-depth look at costs, payoffs, profits, and overall pros (and cons). Renewable energy is, without a doubt, vital to our future on this planet, but what does it fully entail as a venture? Insight will be given on this stage from industry leaders, founders, and CEOs, aiming to dissect the overall state of pursuing renewable energy.

  • ‘One World’

‘One World’ takes on IP – specifically, establishing an effective and pragmatic IP management and protection strategy in a global industry. By elevating technology (especially environmental tech), connections are made around the globe. This means that protection is more important than ever, especially with the future on the line. 

  • ‘Owning It!’

This session looks at the key areas for collective action taken by the public and private sector. Three facets are included: the main areas of activity; the key requirements for pragmatic execution; and a run-through of the current available government funding and support.

  • ‘Pitching Green’

What makes a fundable venture in Environmental Tech? There are always ups and downs when starting a new journey. Learn all about the different sides to investment from a panel of successful founders and investors – this opens up the floor for discussion, aiming to confront the worries some might have about starting their own venture.

  • ‘Get Some Green in Your Wallet’

Now digging into the truly nitty gritty – this panel focuses on the DOs and DON’Ts of green investment. Feeling out of your depth? Maybe have one-too-many concerns floating around behind your yearning to help the planet? Learn from a panel of environmental tech on how to invest in a better tomorrow – this booming industry has been proven to be not just a good move for the environment, but a great one for wallets (if done right). So, let’s analyse what makes a success!

Investment Pitches

Live investment pitches will be taking place in the afternoon. Three start-ups will be presenting their cases for 15-minutes each.

Roundtable Discussions

Barriers are made to be broken. We’re bringing the “big dogs” off of the stage and down to you – the floor in these sessions is open for questions, debate, and general discussion on the key points of environmental tech.This forty-minute session opens up the path for solution and action through communication. This is a unique opportunity to truly get to know the minds and power behind green technology – on a personal level.

Networking Opportunities

Between the panels, discussion, and presentations, we have dedicated networking coffee and lunch breaks. These slots don’t just provide refreshments, but opportunities to meet like-minded people and professionals. Making connections can be your key to getting a piece of this thriving sector, and we want to encourage that! Besides coffee and snacks, we’ll start the day with breakfast and end it with a drinks reception – make new acquaintances, re-meet old colleagues, make those connections, and – most importantly – have fun! 

Sound good? Check out the full agenda!

Who’s Attending?

We have lots of fun things lined up, but the speakers of TM are the real powerhouse behind this amazing event. We’ve sourced industry leaders, investors, and founders from across the environmental technology sector. 

Jim Mann

Jim Mann grew up on a hill farm before studying Ecology at university. After university, he founded several successful businesses in technology, retail, and leisure before his environmental background drew him back to the fight against climate change and the ecological disaster it’s bringing with it.

UNDO was born with the aim to deliver large scale carbon removal projects to have a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change.

When he’s not busy fighting climate change, Jim runs competitively at ultra-distance, his favourite events being 100 mile or more and mountain races.

Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook is the Founder and CEO of Rightcharge, the charge point installation and tariff switching platform.Charlie started his electric car career at Octopus Energy (now one of the UK’s Unicorn start-ups), where he managed electric vehicle charging solutions. He has a background in science and engineering, having trained as a Civil Engineer and worked at CERN on the next generation of the Large Hadron Collider. Charlie studied Climate Change, Management & Finance at Imperial Business school and founded Rightcharge in 2019.

Tiia Sammallahti

Tiia Sammallahti is the CEO & founder of She is a serial entrepreneur, business author, charity founder, innovator, and a proven leader in tech-for-good, with over 25 years’ experience in brand building, PR, service concept development, B2B/B2C marketing. is a two-sided AI enhanced SaaS platform for companies to plan, implement and report on regulated and voluntary social value activities to win tenders and engage with their stakeholders. This tech-for-good startup is based in London, helping companies across the UK to meet their social value requirements in a more efficient and impactful way.

We have more speakers lined up and incoming. Check out our Speaker Highlight and full page of speakers!

Do you have insight into environmental technology? Would you be able to utilise a panel or presentation at TM? Contact us about speaking opportunities!

The “wind” in the “turbine” of Tomorrow Matters, though, are those attending. This conference is designed for every stakeholder in environmental technology, including government bodies, global and regional companies, investors, academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs. We’re hosting everyone in order to network and discuss ways to solve the challenges facing the planet – that means the floor is yours. We all should have a say in our future. 

Why Should You Attend?

Tomorrow Matters is a unique event designed to invest in a brighter, greener future in environmental technology. Amidst a glaring climate crisis, this sector continues to grow, and will continue to need support from across the globe. Any insight or input is precious, directly contributing to a promising industry (and tomorrow). 

This whole-day conference hosts numerous industry leaders and revolutionaries, bringing multiple perspectives to an amazing stage. Between networking breaks, this is the place to learn about and connect with the environmental technology industry. 

Discussions are welcomed, product demonstrations are happening, and insight is key – Tomorrow Matters opens the door to a whole world of industry and possibilities.

Come to Tomorrow Matters in London on October 26th and join the fight for a better tomorrow!

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