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International travel is resuming and the prospect of off-planet travel is seemingly closer than ever! Cosmonauts can’t wait to explore this topic at SPACEtalks 3.0 in our panel discussion on space tourism! Intended to introduce how space tourism drives the excitement of space exploration around the world. 

With the ambitious space projects unveiled by big corps last year, we start wondering when normal people can really take a ride on the spacecraft and travel into space, similar to the development of the aviation industry. 

Therefore, our speakers proposed clear directions for the success of space tourism. The most important aspect is sustainability. That is how the government and venture capitalists can help SME and start-ups to do R&D and grow. That is how space programmes and relevant knowledge can be delivered to schools and universities. That is how people can understand the scientific stuff in an easier way. 

Let’s get to know the panellists who will be guiding us through this session.

🚀 Timo Karakashev | Founder & CEO | Cosmonauts 

🚀 Paul Bhatia | Ambassador | ESA Business Applications 

🚀 Chris Carberry | CEO | Explore Mars 

🚀 Annette Toivonen | Senior Lecturer in Space Tourism | Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences 

🚀 Dr Wei Sun | Vice President of International Business | HEAD Aerospace Group

We are delighted to have them on board and dig deeper into this fascinating topic together.

Following the success of last year’s edition, the third instalment of the SPACEtalks series is coming back. This time we are in partnership with the Science Facilities and Technology Council (STFC) to host this amazing event. 

Designed for aerospace-related industry professionals, decision-makers at aerospace, commercial organisations, start-ups, governmental agencies, and academia, SPACEtalks is a space tech event shaped around discussions about the industry’s current trends.

Visit our website and access a copy of the agenda by requesting a version of the brochure.

To welcome our global audience, both in person and virtual tickets are available. Join us next week by clicking the link below! You can also check out our previous SPACEtalks blog posts to learn more about the event, and to gear up for lift off next week!

welcome to spacetalks 3.0, 27th April 2022, holistic space panel session

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