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Promoting Innovation Through Hackathons 

Through bringing together the brightest minds from the industry to generate innovative solutions to business problems, Hackathons, by Cosmonauts, have been widely used by an array of industries and companies such an Onit Aptitude, to promote the growth of ideas. Used predominantly by tech and manufacturing companies, Hackathons have a history of producing valuable solutions to complex problems.

Hackathons aren’t just for coders. The best results come when people with different strengths and backgrounds are involved. They bring their perspective to the project, which creates stronger results. For example, coders can build a workflow to solve a problem. Still, you need people with intimate industry knowledge to ensure you get the best outcome. 

Benefits of Hackathons for No-Code Platforms  

A No-code platform uses a visual development environment to allow users to create apps, through methods such as drag-and-drop, adding application components to create a complete application. By promoting discovery of new solutions and innovation through Hackathons for No-Code platforms, there are many benefits. No-code platforms can promote employee morale and general company culture, raise brand awareness through social media content to keep your social platforms alive and raise generally positive PR. This modern approach to product solutions, used by businesses of varying sizes and industries, offers the chance for cross business integrations and to build relationships with your business customers/ partners by inviting some of your clients to join in on a project can be beneficial to the businesses relationships. Moreover, Hackathons can take place in-person and virtually, depending on your needs.

Cosmonauts’ 2020 Hackathon

In Cosmonauts’ 2020 Hackathon, collaborators came together to solve complex issues regarding the pandemic whereby Onit united with Consilio and Adobe to create the Evergreen Donation Emergency Network (EDEN). The app, built on Onit Apptitude (a workflow and business process automation platform), connects donors with excess supplies to organizations in need. You can view the EDEN demo here. From this success, Onit has continued to foster innovation with the launch of a new hackathon: Hack the House.

Stay up to date with future Cosmonauts’ Hackathons by following us on social media. For more information on how cosmonauts can support you with a hackathon check out our blog post below:

Cosmonauts’ Hackathons: Creating Innovative Solutions to Business Challenges

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