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With great success across several industries, Cosmonauts, a bespoke business development and marketing company, is delighted to present our crowdfunding service for tech startups. With our proven methodology already in place for companies such as ScribeStar and Legal Connection, Cosmonauts are excited to find our next startup to support through their crowdfunding process. 

Now is the perfect opportunity to source funding for your tech startup, according to Verdict, as the past years  pandemic disruption lays solid ground for funding opportunities. With an array of crowdfunding platforms to choose from, for example Crowdcube, many young businesses are engaging in fund sourcing campaigns for many reasons. Holding a crowdfunding campaign can signal whether or not consumers will be interested in your product or service and you will be able to gain expert advice and guidance for future projects with your business. Crowdfunding can also be a great form of marketing for your product or service as pitching your project or business can be a valuable form of media attention. Most importantly, crowdfunding campaigns are a fast way to gain much needed investment. With our previous client’s crowdfunding campaign, Cosmonauts helped both Scribestar and Legal Connection to reach their fundraising goal and beyond as both are currently overfunded. 

Our business consultancy service for crowdfunding has previously supported a number of enterprise innovation providers and tech startups and has most recently been used by those in the legal tech industry. We are particularly effective at the stage of angel investment and crowdfunding, with both ScribeStar and Legal Connection both overfunded in their campaign goals, thus currently, we are in search of the next tech company to help achieve their fundraising objectives. 

As fundraising consultants, we will manage and assist you at every stage of the fundraising process, from design to delivery. With Cosmonauts Fundraising service, you can expect full support from the team in regards to video production, marketing and PR strategy. With a personally allocated project manager to manage your fundraising campaign you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. 

So, with our successful methodology of producing campaigns that reap more than we set out for, what are you waiting for? Read more about our crowdfunding projects here:

Get in touch with Cosmonauts today to start your fundraising campaign.

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