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SPACEtalks is back for round-three! On April 27th, SPACEtalks 3.0 will be taking place at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council! Come join us this April so you can launch your start-up to the moon!

Cosmonaut’s have been working with our event partner the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to make this year’s event more impactful than ever. We know the big players in the world of space innovation; SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and many more. But what about the smaller players – the start-ups with entirely new concepts, or individuals with ideas ready to blast the world of space innovation into the next galaxy? 

It can seem challenging to find your space in an industry dominated by big names – which is why Cosmonauts are introducing a new dimension to SPACEtalks 3.0 – the Start-up Launchpad!

What is the Launchpad?

As professionals in placing the right people in the same space, Cosmonauts have designed our Launchpad programme to connect start-ups with investors who could take your business to the next level. 

Expanding your business is not just about finding investors, but finding the right investors. Where better to do so than at a conference specifically catered for those in the space-commercialisation industry, where Cosmonauts have brought together the brightest minds in industry, government experts, VC’s and investors.

We have two parts to our Start-up Launchpad Programme; exhibiting and pitching. Part one, exhibiting, is open to all start-ups interested. Part two, pitching, is limited to just five start-ups.

Launchpad Exhibiting

The exhibiting part of our Launchpad programme will provide your start-up with a place in the section of our exhibiting area dedicated to start-ups looking for exposure to the investment community. With investors attending from companies including; Seraphim Space, E2MC, Voyager Space Holdings, and IQ Capita – this isn’t an opportunity to miss out on!

Contact us today to book your spot at an exhibitor at SPACEtalks 3.0

Launchpad Pitching

The pitching part of our LaunchPad programme is a step-up from part one and limited to just five start-ups! Through five exclusive launch-pad investor pitching sessions you will have the chance to pitch your business idea directly to attending investors.

Each selected participant will have fifteen minutes in total to pitch their business and win over our varied panel of investors. Five minutes of this time will be for you to present your concept and ten minutes will be allotted for questions from potential investors.Such a unique opportunity to meet, network with and pitch your ideas to investors is invaluable, which is why Cosmonauts’ launch-pad pitches come at no additional cost. All you need is a ticket for the event! The deadline to apply for a place is the end of the working day on April 11th.

Contact us today to find out more!

Join us at SPACEtalks 3.0!

Cosmonauts has a track record of matching the right investors with the right companies, with our expertise and our wide investment community you are bound to find your next partner at SPACEtalks.

Join us and all our industry leading speakers and kickstart new potential investment collaborations this April 27th at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus!

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