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The Josef Hackathon

After incorporating Hackathons into several of our legal tech events, Cosmonauts know a thing or two about how amazing they can be! Hackathons help coded, low code and non coded platforms put their products directly into the hands of the target audiences. Hackathon participants get to use new platforms, discover exciting technologies, and learn how easy it can be to incorporate coding into their day-to-day functions. Jackpot! Take a look at how easy it can be to host a successful – and fun – Hackathon! Our friends at Josef and Onit share their experiences from some of our previous events. 

Get to Know Hackathons Better

Let’s discuss some of the key questions, How does a hackathon work? Why should I consider it for my business? What does the hackathon package offer and what sets it apart from other event sponsorships?

What is a hackathon? (click here to read more about what a hackathon is)

A hackathon is an event, usually hosted by a tech company or organisation, where programmers and non programmers get together for a designated period of time to collaborate on a project. Hackathons can either use no code builder software or be strictly code written, many hackathons also host workshops, guest speakers, and connect participants with seasoned mentors

Hackathons assist businesses in engaging with external audiences. It’s a method of displaying your software platform or skills through an open engaging and innovation process. It allows potential consumers to experiment with your technologies or your business directly while also driving company innovation and establishing a dialogue between you and them.

Interested in potentially hosting your own hackathon? Click the button below and contact the Cosmonauts team for more information about a hackathon sponsorship package today.

Promote your cutting-edge solution to the industry’s challenges. Use our legal tech conference Future Lawyer Week UK 6.0 as an opportunity to gather professionals and non-professionals to prove that you don’t need to be a specialist to use and understand your innovation. Take a look at a case study from our Future Lawyer Week USA event earlier in 2022 as we partnered with Josef.

Josef’s Hackathon HOORAY!

As ‘Hack the House’ was such a great success, our team decided to bring the Hackathon to FLW USA 2.0 where we partnered up with Josef.

Josef is a no-code platform that allows corporate counsel and legal ops professionals to feel like tech geniuses. By using this platform, you are capable of creating digital legal tools. It enables users to develop their legal bots in the most accessible and straightforward way without complications or coding. Josef’s main idea behind this no-code software platform is to save time on repetitive tasks and improve the clients’ and workers’ experience, resulting in higher-value strategic work.

Josef held the Hackathon – “The No-Code Big Bang!” and it really was a “Big Bang”. They came with their software platform, introduced it, and combined it with a game where all Future Lawyer Week attendees got to experience the software first-hand. The firm received excellent feedback and outstanding promotion in front of the legal industry. 

Legal professionals from across the globe participated in the Hackathon, and some created great projects using Josef’s software platform. For example, Dan O’Day, Co-Founder of ECFX and his team built a solution to help Ukrainian immigrants apply for asylum in Poland. Kyle Dumont, Director of Digital Product Management at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, is another excellent example. He and his team created a bot similar to Dan’s. The automation helps asylum seekers from Ukraine enter Poland. Both teams aimed to take some of the immigrants’ burdens off their plates and make their lives easier. 

The Josef Hackathon was a great success – our audience broadened their knowledge and got to experience something new and innovative. What is more, the software firm got fantastic publicity, promotion and feedback! Josef came, delivered, and exceeded all expectations with the Hackathon sponsorship package.

Need further convincing that the Hackathon is an excellent opportunity for promoting your latest innovation? Here are some testimonials from our previous event where the Hackathon became the main character! Listen to what Tom Dreyfus, CEO of Josef, had to say about the Hackathon they hosted for FLW USA in 2022.

Interested in Hackathon-ing? 

What makes the Hackathon sponsorship package stand out from the rest is that it engages the audience and gives them first-hand experience while participating in a fun project. The benefits that come with this package are many, including:

  • You will improve customer and workers’ experience, making your technology stand out among others. 
  • You will get to present your innovation not only in front of your target audience but you will also get the chance to introduce your technology in front of many well-known organisations in the legal industry.
  • You will attract new customers, investors and new partnerships.
  • You will get to position yourself and your firm as one of the leaders in this sector.

It can’t get any better than this! Get in touch with the Cosmonauts team today and become the leading role in the legal industry!

Future Lawyer Week UK 6.0

Future Lawyer Week started in the UK; fast forward a couple years later, and the event has taken over four continents – Europe, North America, Asia and Africa! 

After many successful shows, we proudly announce that FLW 6.0 is back in the UK. The conference is taking place in London in April 2023. The event focuses on technological advancements and innovation in the legal world. The show also aims to unite professionals from the in-house, private practice and litigation sectors along with solutions providers to discuss and address setbacks and challenges in these different areas of law. 

FLW UK has prepared 3 days of networking opportunities, workshops, presentations and a Hackathon delivered by leading legal innovators. Join us at FLW UK 6.0, and don’t miss the chance to be part of this huge event! Secure your ticket today and get it for the lowest price we’ll offer!

Take a look at last years post event video to get a flavour of what the event has to offer

As mentioned above, the Hackathon sponsorship package has shown great success in our previous FLW event, so why not be our next Hackathon sensation? Get the promotion your firm deserves, showcase your product in front of your target audience and let’s reshape and elevate the legal world. Contact us today to secure your Hackathon sponsorship package at FLW UK 6.0!

Keep Exploring with Cosmonauts

Cosmonauts have been used predominantly by tech and manufacturing companies, targeting different industries in the world. We have events such as Future Lawyer Week, Legal Innovators UK, GAIA, Tomorrow Matters and many more. Just click the button below and have a look at all our events.

If you are interested in any of our events and would like to do a Hackathon, we would love to tailor a Hackathon just for you. If you are interested in a bespoke Hackathon, speak to the team today, and let’s make it happen.

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