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Investment in legal tech is on the rise (Thomas Reuters) where 30% of in-house legal departments are spending more on legal tech tools! To address the needs of legal professionals who are overwhelmed by all the knowledge in this sector, our Legal Innovators 2.0 UK will be bringing together the legal tech experts to help navigate through the rising trends and information that you should know about!

Legal Innovators 2.0 Day 2: In-House Day

Taking place on the 21-22nd October at St. Paul’s, London, Artificial Lawyer and Cosmonauts are thrilled to unveil some exciting details about Day 2 of Legal Innovators 2.0; the In-House Day!

Day 2 – What’s Happening?

Our In-House Day will be focusing on innovation among in-house legal teams, legal operations professionals, and legal tech startups while exploring clients’ evolving relationships with a range of legal service providers. Some of the topics that guest speakers will be exploring during the many activities lined up include:

  • Beyond Contract Management – using contract data to drive business insights
  • The Impact of Legal Ops – looking into the realities of ‘legal ops’ and examples of success
  • In-House Innovation – how law firms have worked with in-house teams to build new legal products and services
  • The Value of ALSPs and Law Companies – how have ALSPs have provided value to in-house teams through legal tech and innovation.

And many other insightful discussions and opportunities for professionals to ask questions, network and share experiences in the LegalTech industry. 

On the Innovation Stage for Day 2, product training and demonstration sessions will take place by innovative legal tech startups, to showcase how they are bringing value to the legal tech landscape. The first training session will feature Scissero, a complete contract lifecycle management solution where CEO Mathias Strasser will demonstrate the software’s capabilities. The second training session will be led by CEO and founder Tom Dunlop for Summize, a contract review, creation, and management tool for legal teams. 

Who Is Attending?

Some of our notable speakers attending our Day 2 panels include:

With speakers from internationally-renowned companies and law firms, Legal Innovators UK is a must-attend event if you are looking to expand your career network and gain more influential connections! To view the full list of 60+ speakers attending Legal Innovators UK click here.

How do I find out more info and sign-up?

To save a spot for Legal Innovators 2.0, click the button below!

Or to find out more on the event details or request a detailed brochure about our event, visit our website!

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