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With Day Three complete for the first of what we hope to be many Legal Innovators Online events. We have had a fantastic three days of learning, sharing and connecting with an amazing array of guest speakers from the legal sector.

Today was no different as we will be started the final day of the conference. First up was a panel titled Automation and Reality discussing how far automation had really impacted legal services and how far it can realistically go in terms of transforming service delivery. 

Hosted by Richard Tromans, we had three great experts who treated us visually with the background displays and with their depth of knowledge on topics such as: How many leading law firms have embedded the use of AI tools, no code workflow tools, and advanced KM and legal research systems, with waves of macro changes emerging and being driven by real world impacts and not just the needs of clients.

Bryon put across a good point that although clients do tend to be one of the drivers for change and legal tech development. The smart lawyers and law firms are foreseeing the goal of operational efficiency may come from spending the money now and seeing the savings in the future.

Then we were treated to a very perceptive presentation by Chirag Zaveri from Everlaw, who gave us a deeper insight on The Modern approach to eDisclosure. Chirag covered the state of the eDisclosure industry as well as tips to help your organisation evolve and improve processes. Citing The Everlaw Approach below.

The second panel of the day and finale of the LIO Event titled The Next New Normal brought us an amazing discussion with 4 panelists offering their views on whether the legal and legal tech worlds will be changed forever due to the ongoing lock-down, with the surge toward digitization.  

The panel explored their ideas on future developments the wider and long-term trends they have seen within their respective businesses.

We would like to issue a reminder to all those who attended that each of the panel talks and presentations over the 3 days of Legal Innovators Online are available to watch back for the next 6 months. If you missed any of the great content that was available don’t worry we have you covered!

We would like to say a big thank you to all the speakers, panellists and attendees and of course the sponsors for Legal Innovators Online. Stay tuned into the Legal Innovators LinkedIn Channel for updates on all future events including Legal Innovators California – This event promises to be spectacular event as we all start to move on from life indoors.

PS. To all those who signed up to the event check you inboxes for an important update!!!

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