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Legal Innovators UK 2.0, one of London’s biggest LegalTech events created by Artificial Lawyer and organised by Cosmonauts, took place on Oct 21-22nd and was a great success!

We would like to give all our attendees, speakers, and sponsors a big thank you for coming down to the event and contributing to the many insightful conversations that took place! From the LegalTech panel discussions to networking conversations between breaks, there was valuable content shared and collaborative opportunities built between everyone there!

Some notable highlights from the event included:

Shaz Aziz’s presentation on “Using Design Principles To Help Legal Teams Add Value” helped show the bigger picture of what it means to implement legal tools and how to approach legal design.

“Beyond Contract Management – using contract data to drive insights” gave a great deep dive into the hidden potential that can be derived from the everyday contracts that your legal team is sending out.

We also loved receiving all your feedback and seeing all your social media posts about #LIUK! If you haven’t already make sure you check out our LinkedIn where we re-share all of your content tagging us and some of our own photos from the event! Check out some of our favourite moments captured at the event below:

Ned Gannon (left), Dan Wright (center), and Jeffrey Shapiro (right) during the panel discussion of “Disaggregating The Law” on the Private Practice Day, Oct 21st.
Rosemary Martin giving her keynote speech on “How LawTech Innovators Can Contribute To Climate Change Initiatives” on In-House Day, Oct 22nd.
eBrevia’s exhibiting team, Abbas Khan (left) and Leila El Gharbi (right) stand posing by eBrevia’s stand in the exhibition hall, on Oct 22nd.
Summize’s exhibiting team, Zoe Peterkin (far left), Ben Audley (center left), Tom Dunlop (center), Harvey Trimble (center right), and Toby Mckenna (far right)  stand posing by their exhibition stand on Oct 22nd.

Here’s what some of our sponsors had to say about the event:

“Legal Innovators has become a bit of an annual event for us, we keep coming back each year because of the quality of the panels, the quality of the conversations we have each year. For us Legal Innovators is a way to get real insights into the business and to meet people who are interested in getting on innovation within the legal industry.”  (Ian Gosling, Founder, AUTTO)

“It’s always good to hear from both our peers who work for other brands and operate within our space, but also to hear from our target customers, which in this case is in-house lawyers. So it’s great to hear insights from them firsthand.” (Mark Rhodes, Managing Director – Europe, ContractWorks)

Once again, thank you to everyone who joined and worked with Artificial Lawyer and Cosmonauts to make this event a success! You can check out our upcoming Dublin IP and R&D Summit in December or view some of our other blogs about Legal Innovators UK 2.0.

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