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One big question we always get asked as a business that produces 11 annual own brand events series….soon to be 13 (fingers crossed) as well as running multiple partnered events with forward thinking organisations like Artificial Lawyer and UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council as well as businesses like ONIT, ContractPodAI, Josef and more: Can we collaborate with you on a dual branded? Do you have the time?

First of all, we always remind our existing and potential clients that this is what Cosmonauts does. We have been habitually organising events since 2016, and before that, our management team had years of experience organising events for other businesses. We have developed an effective system for producing events of various shapes and sizes.

How does it work?

We follow this immediately by organising an initial workshop to get a better understanding of what it is you want to deliver and what deems success for you. For instance:

  • Brand building exercise 
  • Delivering x amount of attendees within your designated target audience 
  • Trying to sell or promote services or products
  • Launch new services or products
  • Influencing a target demographic
  • Educate or Inform
  • Retain customers or clients 
  • Generate content 
  • Purely networking 

We are now in a position to direct, advise, and start shaping your event. In order to deliver your event successfully, we set up a plan of action and consider schedule, delivery, and venue location. We may request a good amount of lead time; the more time you give us, the bigger and better your event may be. However, in order to provide the best amount of preparation, we prefer to choose a date at least three months in advance.

The collaboration process is key, setting and defining roles and responsibilities between you and us set to deadlines. The Cosmonauts team naturally will pick up the majority of the heavy lifting from organising to attracting speakers or additional sponsors and all the behind the scenes work if required.

We have a large team of event coordinators, producers and a creative team to really showcase your vision with Cosmonauts. And we are always looking for new event partners across any technology focused or investment in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Check out some collaborative events we have hosted in the past:

FAIR-SPACE – Robotics summit and Showcase event

Two hybrid events

After a hugely successful SPACEtalks event in October 2021, SpaceSpecialists and Cosmonauts fused to form a partnership catering specifically to the space industry. Having formed these strong relationships, and having seen the success of SPACEtalks, the FAIR-SPACE team contacted us in need of help delivering two hybrid events to showcase the work of the institution over the past 5 years. And that we did! 

Event 1

The FAIR-SPACE Robotics Summit, hosted by the Future AI & Robotics in Space (FAIR-SPACE) Hub, UK Space Agency (UKSA), Satellite Applications Catapult, and National Robotics Network (NRN), with experts from the robotics and space industry coming together with researchers and government professionals to explore transformative possibilities and chart a roadmap for the future. This took place on 16th February in Media City, Manchester. 

Event 2

The FAIR-SPACE Showcase event highlighting the culmination of a five-year programme. This event hosted a remote live demonstration of haptic technology and robotics being controlled between two locations, Edinburgh and London, demonstrating the technologies immense capabilities. The Cosmonauts team created a hybrid space that allowed a live stream function between three locations: Edinburgh University, Surrey University and Imperial College London.

Both events were very successful – to learn more about the brief and project outcomes check out our previous blog on this bespoke event

Rewatch one of the sessions from the event

Hack the House

Virtual Hackathon

Cosmonauts collaborated with ONIT to produce Hack the House, a three-week virtual hackathon meant to promote ONIT’s no-code builder platform to a mix of existing and new clients.

This event was organised to bring together worldwide clients, prospective clients, and the broader ONIT team in order to develop a fun unity project that would build bridges across all stakeholder groups. We also included regular vlog updates from team leaders, and we drew a lot of attention from outside sources by holding giveaways of ONIT products and prizes on various social media sites.

We hosted Five teams who used the Onit’s APPtitude platform, a “no-code” app builder to plan and create a hack solving a predetermined problem. This project resulted in driving awareness and interest in the platform including one major international client securing internal investment to create their app.

Watch to Team Captain

Law Tech.Live – 2022 legal trends and predictions

Webinar Series

Cosmonauts assisted Ruby Datum in curating a legal technology community organisation that hosts topical webinars to attract expert speakers, new members in a bid to sell sponsorship space once established in the market all during the pandemic. We rebranded two existing community groups, LawTech London and LawTech South West, to create a go-to group for bringing new ideas, building relationships and pushing innovation in the legal technology business.

We held 12 webinars over the course of 15 months increasing existing membership groups by 70% before launching a whole new brand Law Tech.Live, which is the industry’s fastest growing community group.

Rewatch the 2022 legal trends and preditctiosn webinar – watch here

Josef Hackathon – The No-Code Big Bang

Adding to our Future Lawyer Week US event which was hosted in New York, we created a hackathon event for Josefs no code building platform creating a digital.  We invited 30 targeted consumers to participate from law firms to actively promote and soft sell their platform.

Armed with access to Josef, and a brief 45-minute training session, all five teams set about producing some incredible bots to respond to their chosen problem statements. No tech savviness needed – just an open mind, a dash of creativity, and loads of collaboration.

Watch the post event video and testimonial from Josef’s founder Tom

SPACEtalks 3.0 – The Interstellar Business Conference  

In-person conference 

After hosting the first two SPACEtalks events, Cosmonauts were approached by UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council, part of Harwell Campus’s science and innovation centre, to collaborate and co-brand the event for the third edition in 2022 and beyond.

Set in the pioneering Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, SPACEtalks was an insightful conference filled with thought provoking discussions on space related topics covering space inclusivity, earthly logistics and supply chain, sustainability, SPACs, IP, investment and much more.

Watch our post event video 

Ruby Datum Capital Raise / Investment Q&A 

Investment webinar series

As part of our capital raise campaign with Ruby Datum, we organised 5 virtual meet-and-greet the founder / Q&A sessions to engage individuals on the fence and upsell important investors in the project. These sessions were extremely successful, as we raised 35% of our fundraising goal directly as a result of them.

Rewatch one of the sessions hosted by Founder and CEO Nick Watson – watch here

Red Points Virtual Roundtable – They Fake It, You Make It: Best practices & tech in spotting counterfeit sellers before they take advantage of your brand integrity

Virtual Lunch Roundtable

We organised an invite-only virtual lunch for Red Points to discuss best practises in managing e-commerce channels, common risks, and problems with industry professionals. Join us as we examine what the future holds and how to navigate the world of e-commerce while avoiding counterfeit merchants.

We hand-picked Red Points clients and presented a succinct event throughout the pandemic to keep their lead generating effort relevant.

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