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With London IP Week 4.0 just around the corner, we’ve rounded up the latest news in the world of IP!

Apple’s to enter the market of self-driving electric cars

On May 27th 2021, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent for their ‘Project Titan’. Specifically related to vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems. 

Apple is looking for an automotive partnership to fill the gap the company has in the car manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, the tech giant is hiring thousands of software engineers to work on a brand new software for self-driving cars.

Resources imply that an Apple car could start production as early as 2024.

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Sources: Forbes / Patently Apple

Leaked images of Windows 11 surfaced online!

Just days before Microsoft’s next event, June 24th, two images have surfaced on the internet showcasing what the new UI of the soon-to-be-announced Operating System looks like. 

After 6 years with Windows 10, The new OS looks like a breath of fresh air. 

With a new Start menu that more similarly resembles an app launcher and new and redefined icons for an innovative feel, Windows 11 is set to launch in September/October of this year. 

Although the leaks only showcase the design of the OS, functionality-wise nothing seems to have changed, but, of course, it’s too early to talk and we’ll let Microsoft take over at their event on June 24th 2021.

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Oatly sues UK oat milk brand Glebe Farm over alleged trademark infringement

The Swedish oat milk giant is suing the family-run independent brand Glebe Farm based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Oatly’s Lawyers claim that the ‘PureOaty’ name calls to mind their Swedish counterpart. In addition, the packaging that comes in a shade of blue with depictions of a mug are also ‘too similar between each other’.

Of course, a giant brand attacking a small family-run business is not good publicity. Many avid Oatly consumers took their disdain to the internet, attacking the Swedish colossus claiming their attack on Glebe Farm is “bullying” the independent business.

Moreover, a coffee shop has even started a petition, asking Oatly to cease fire against the small business igniting a #freePureOaty campaign.

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When a door closes another one opens: how Covid-19 changed the career of these two sisters

While the Pandemic was too busy closing down businesses around the world, Angela Muhwezi-Hall and Deborah Gladney thought this was the perfect time to launch their new hiring platform QuickHire, to help service industry and skilled trade workers find jobs.  

The entrepreneurs started their business with $50,000 from their savings and recently received a $350,000 investment.

They were not the only ones that decided to create their own employment. In the US alone, about 4.3 million new business applications were filed in 2020, almost 1 million more than in 2019. 

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Roblox and a $200M lawsuit for copyright infringement

The gaming platform, Roblox, is facing its biggest scandal to date. $200M minimum damages sought in the lawsuit against the video-game company.

The National Music Publisher’s Association (NMPA) states that the game allegedly allowed players to stream songs in their Roblox creations without the music being properly licensed.

The CEO of NMPA, David Israelite, stated “[Roblox] have made hundreds of millions of dollars by requiring users to pay every time they upload music onto the platform – taking advantage of young people’s lack of understanding about copyright – and then they take virtually no action to prevent repeat infringement or alert users to the risks they are taking”.

This isn’t the first attack from the NMPA to the video gaming and streaming industries. 

Israelite mentioned in his interview about the copyright violations scandal on Twitch. He said the NMPA is majorly ramping up its takedown campaign against Twitch and will continue to go after the company for videos that include unlicensed music.

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