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We’re getting ready for London IP Week (LIPW) 5.0 and can’t resist filling you in on the latest update in the world of IP! Get ready for the eighth installment of our ‘Let’s Talk IP’ series to catch up on the latest IP news!

LIPW 5.0 is taking place from the 19th-21st of September, but you don’t have to wait until then to get updated on what’s happening in the industry. We’ve compiled our latest round up of everything you need to know about what’s happening in IP. 

Want an IRL update? Join us at LIPW 5.0 this September! Check out our other blogs posts on LIPW to learn more about the event! You can also visit our website to learn more about the event sponsors, speakers, and to purchase your ticket. 

In the meantime, check out our IP updates. Hopefully these will tide you over until the conference! 

Cell Phone Showdown 

Samsung has been sued for allegedly violating five patents related to the wireless communications designs the company has incorporated into its smartphones. The plaintiff, MIMO Research, described Samsung’s product designs as ‘malicious’, ‘deliberate’ and in ‘bad-faith’. How will MIMO Research’s patents affect the way smartphone design progresses in the future?

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MANGO Goes Digital 

Fashion brand MANGO has launched a new clothing collection in the virtual world platform, Decentraland. In addition to their new clothing line, the retailer has also launched 5 NFTs in collaboration with crypto-artists. With little precedent on fashion in the metaverse, the retailer is pushing the boundaries of how we should handle creators’ rights in the digital world. 

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Trainer Troubles  

Adidas has sued Nike over allegedly violating their patent on exercise-monitoring trainer design. The lawsuit is a huge blow to Nike, and has the potential to impact at least three of the brand’s mobile applications in addition to the ‘Adapt’ system they use to fit trainers.

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Warhol Fights Back 

Andy Warhol’s estate has asked for a previous ruling against the artist to be overturned. Warhol based his artwork of the musician Prince on a photograph, and the court is now debating whether this constitutes copyright infringement. The concept of fair use has also come into play. What does this mean for art in the future?

Find out by reading the full article here

Ford Fiasco 

Automobile manufacturer Ford has been barred from selling cars with specific communications capabilities in Germany after violating patent regulations. The cars in question have LTE-enabled communication tools and infringed on patents already owned by the firm IP Bridge. Given the anticipated consequences of the ruling, Ford are expected to appeal the decision. 

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Join us IRL this September at London IP Week 5.0 for more IP updates! The week consists of a one-day IP Commercialisation Workshop hosted by Mathys & Squire Consulting, along with a two-day conference and exhibition focused on technology and management in the IP sector. 

Check out our other blogs on LIPW to learn more about the event, and visit our website to purchase your ticket! 

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