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We’re getting closer! Are you ready for LIPW? 

London IP Week is an interactive IP summit filled with networking opportunities over 2-full day conferences with discussions on the most contemporary trends in the world of IP. Join us for Day 2 – The Future Tech IP Summit – 7th September 2021.

Today, we take a look at Day 2 of the LIPW schedule!

London IP Week Day 2: The Future Tech IP Summit – 7th September 2021

Focused on innovative technologies, the Future Tech IP Summit explores the uncharted territories of  Emerging Technologies with a strong focus on IP Protection, Management and Commercialisation for  Medium Size Enterprises.

Our LIPW Day 2 will be a great opportunity to listen to over 30 speakers leading the world of Intellectual Property, attend 5 panel discussions, 4 stand-alone presentations and networking sessions and meet over 200 participants. 

Also we are excited to hear what Dr. Stephan Wolke, Head of Intellectual Property & Services Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH will say during the summit. This year’s LIPW is surely not one to be missed as it will truly give insights in the modern world on Intellectual Property!

Our previous editions of the summit have brought over 300 attendees and 60+ speakers and we are expecting even more for this year. If you are interested in the past IP Week success click here.

So, who attends LIPW 2021? 

  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • Founders and Managing Directors
  • Inventors
  • Heads and directors of R&D
  • Heads of IP
  • In-House Legal Counsels
  • Heads and Directors of Innovations 

Take a look at the full conference website and book your spot!

Don’t just take our world for it, check out what our testimonials had to say about our previous events!

2021 is very exciting for all of us at Cosmonauts, and London IP Week is no different. 

If you’re not in London, we also have a Dublin edition, though of course you can follow online too. 

If you are still looking to find the right conference for your business needs, we’ve got you covered too, you can contact us, or browse through other Cosmonauts events below.

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