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here’s everything you need to know about the second day of the event, ‘Tech for IP Day’, which will take place on the 20th of September. 

In Case You Missed It… 

Cosmonauts are thrilled to present the fifth iteration of London IP Week. In addition to an IP Commercialisation Workshop, the week also contains a two-day conference focused on bringing together industry professionals from around the world to tackle the latest challenges in the realm of IP. 

LIPW 5.0 will take place from the 19th-21st of September in the heart of London at etc.venues St Paul’s. Check out the LIPW 5.0 website for more details, and to book your spot at the event!

Tech for IP Day 

The first day of LIPW 5.0 focuses on ‘Tech for IP’. The day brings together IP Managers, In-House Legal & IP Counsels, Legal Directors, and more to discuss key IP topics and how they intersect with the most innovative industry technologies. 

The ever-changing reality of intangible assets has shifted towards the need for a more business strategic and tech enabled approach towards the management and protection of the most valuable assets a firm owns – its ideas. 

‘Tech for IP Day’ brings together the most influential IP players from across the globe to collaborate on shaping future trends and technologies in the industry. 

Industries covered include automotive, software, aerospace, biotech, and many more! Does this sound like you? Book your place today at ‘Tech for IP Day’! 

Want to Learn More? 

If you’re interested in hearing more about what’s in store for ‘Tech for IP Day’, we’d be happy to give you more details! Get in touch with our team for the full LIPW 5.0 agenda. 

You can also save 20% on your ticket to LIPW 5.0 by subscribing to our website. That’s a steal! 

Don’t Miss Out 

‘Tech for IP Day’ is just one of the three exciting days that make up London IP Week. Visit the event website for more information about the other two days of London IP Week, ‘IP Management Day’ and the IP Commercialisation Workshop. 

You can also read our previous blog posts on London IP Week 5.0 to get more information about the event! 

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