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All the benefits of no-code platform development in the legal field, you and your company will want to know

“They’ll make an app for anything nowadays…” Long gone are the days of using our web browser to access platforms through our phones, be it social, work or 2020’s test and trace, yes, we in fact have an app for all our needs.The development is more about security now, does no-code work for legal counsel? Actually, no-code app development enables this process not just securely but even faster. No, this blog does not intend to put hard working software developers out of their very essential job in today’s market. But, developing an app should always be accessible for all needs, and no code apps provide pretty useful benefits! We have put together all the reasons why no code apps are your go-to modern solution.

1. No need for unnecessary spending

Something you might have considered if you are in the risk, compliance or legal sector, is that everything has a cost, and investing into technological developments for apps that provide proficient tools in your area can come with a heavier price. Perhaps, the cause of this, is the hard hitting fact that the world does not have enough software developers for every firm. We know, that’s a bit disappointing…

The benefit no code applications provide however, is quite self explanatory, they require no coding, or special extensive knowledge into software development. Neota Logic is an award winning platform worth mentioning here, that provides no-code automation in this field. A platform as such can quickly spare you the need to hire specialists to create applications for your needs, be it for management, storage or planning. In fact, no-code development on average, reduces costs by up to 80%, which is pretty great really! 

2. Faster development

Linking to cost efficiency, by saving you money on outsourcing, developing your platform is also faster than the traditional way, because there is a set way of doing things, allowing a “drag-and-drop” way of development in which you can work your own way. Generally speaking, the traditional process regularly takes anywhere between 3 to 9 months to complete and roll out, based on how complex each stage is for development. Sometimes, this time uncertainty may cause risks for your preliminary plans too. With no-code development though, on average applications tend to go live 8-10 times faster than with an outsourced software developer. This is because instead of having one person’s organisational skills to be relied upon, no code apps rely on your own planning, and a greater group of people available for support. Again, our best pick is Neota Logic.Take it in the way of implementing artificial intelligence to the traditional method, but for app development. 

3. Simple doesn’t mean substandard 

One of the greatest misconceptions surrounding the “no-code zone” is the belief that simple development leads to simple results. Let’s be honest, if something is fast and less costly, we generally tend to associate it with mediocre results. On the contrary however, just because the development of applications is made simpler, it doesn’t mean that the richness of functions or complexity of the final app is compromised. The no code way of application creation will allow you to create anything you envision, allowing you to build any end-to-end enterprise platform.

Besides the above, Neota Logic also provides everything in one place, secure Cloud storage, automation of your information without having to write a single line of code. So no-code app development is actually quite beneficial and simple in the ways you need it to be. 

And so, no, this blog does not intend to put hard working software developers out of their very essential job in today’s market. But, developing an app should always be accessible for all needs, and no code apps provide time and cost effective solutions and do not interfere with complex, useful and highly functional outcomes. We think a brilliant pick is Neota Logic, it will come with all the benefits we listed, not to mention having the utmost expertise in intelligent software development. 

If you think no-code is a go for you, here is a link for Neota Logic: https://www.neotalogic.com/

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