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Live and interactive Legal Connection Webinar – 7th May 2020, hosted by Timo Karakashev

Stan Stoilov 
Project Manager

My name is Stan Stoilov and I am the project manager for our live and interactive Legal Connection Webinar which will be hosted on 7th May at 3.00 pm (GMT). This is our second webinar for Legal Connection with the first topic – Legal Design, Streamlined Communication and the Customer as Collaborator being so successful we have had to do another.

The topic for the upcoming webinar is – Running a Freelance or Virtual Law Firm in 2020 with the SRA

SRA regulations came into effect in November 2019 paving the way for a new way of practicing law, operating as a freelancer, creating virtual law firms and participating in the new legal economy. But what does it mean to run a freelance practice or virtual firm and what does it mean for my career in law.

This is a FREE to join live and interactive webinar for anyone who wants to learn more about how to run a freelance or virtual law firm. We have 5 speakers confirmed for the event who are very experienced in their retrospective fields.

15.00 – 15.30 – Panel discussion followed by Q&A

Reflections on the SRA regulation event and changes to the legal landscape: How has the legal profession reacted to the changes in regulation? How can lawyers take advantage of the shifting legal landscape? How is technology changing the nature of legal work and where do we go from here?

15:30- 15:45 – Remote practice management

In 2020, every lawyer in the world got a taste of remote work but for many lawyers, this has been the status quo for some time. Legal Connection is a tool that feels like a social network tool but functions like a practice management suite. Learn what inspired Guy to build the product and how it’s being used to facilitate freelance and virtual practice.

15.45 – 16:00 – Third party managed accounts

With the rise of remote work comes a rise in cybercrime and law firms doing large transactions are particularly at risk. How can a freelance solicitor or virtual firm mitigate risk while facilitating client transactions? Shieldpay has worked closely with the SRA to create a third party managed accounts solution for the modern law firm.

Confirmed speakers are:

Anyone who would like to join the webinar can do so by signing up via the following link.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Stan Stoilov 

Project Manager – Legal Connection Webinar Series

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