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Nickolai Tonna
Head of Project Management

If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve probably been sitting around reading reviews online about the usual suspects, such as Zoom or GoToWebinar all basically saying the same thing, trying to work out what you’re going to use. 

At the time of doing the research myself, I became convinced that some of the reviews I read were lifted directly from other people’s reviews, as the language was almost identical. Maybe you’ve been looking at some of the newer and sleeker platforms that have come out in recent years, such as Webinar Ninja or Demio and found that while the basics are there, there are only a few unique features.

The truth is, my organisation’s needs are different from yours, so making a recommendation that fits you perfectly is impossible. But there is another truth I want to highlight as well: your organisation’s needs will be constantly changing and growing as your move to virtual progresses.

Depending on the client, topic, speakers, nature of the discussion you may wish to take a number of different approaches to webinars. You might want to stream to a wider audience more easily or maybe run an internal training in order to make sure your colleagues sitting at home are actually paying attention. How about a webinar with a raffle and prize for attendees?

So that means you’re going to need a platform with options… a lot of options, arguably too many options. Enter BigMarker.

BigMarker is easily one of the most feature rich Webinar platforms that the Cosmonauts team have looked into. This solution allows you to choose between a number of options when initially setting up your webinar, which include: normal or pre recorded webinars, webinar series, evergreen webinars, live streams, meetings and further variations of live online events. From the moment you’ve selected one of those options, it will then take you from 30 minutes to a few hours (potentially longer) to set up all of the different features and permissions.

BigMarker’s interface is well designed, intuitive and rarely overwhelming. It comes with a wide array of appealing and highly customisable landing page templates which can be altered in almost any way you would require. It also has a feature-packed webinar room with many interaction and engagement features, including different language selection for your attendees. The marketing integrations are also extensive, including Zapier which will allow for even further customisation and automation.

If I were to go into every feature of BigMarker that I like or found useful, this blog would need to have a 5 page appendix and an accompanying video review so that I could cover everything. So I encourage you to check it out for yourself. BigMarker has a completely free 7 day no credit card required trial available on their website. All of the features available in the full version are there for you to test. If you’re struggling to find a platform that fits your needs you can’t go wrong with BigMarker as it does almost everything you could think of within reason!

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