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Join us on a journey through the business of Space!

Cosmonauts are proud to present the second edition of our SPACEtalks event, a space inspired conference with a commercial focus, taking place in London, 9th September 2021, and virtually for a wider global audience.  

We have recently launched the latest remodel of the website too! SPACEtalks will bring together the brightest minds in the industry from aerospace experts to government advisors. After the success of last year’s in-person event, we are set to continue to host aerospace related industry professionals, decision makers at aerospace commercial organisations, start-ups, governmental agencies and academia.

Read on to find out what we have in store!

You might be familiar with our Let’s Talk Space blog series, where we discuss the latest most exciting space-tech developments out there. Be it about microgravity research, manufacturing and launching developments, SpaceX or the latest funding rounds in these fields, we have shown you all! The latest (5th) edition of Let’s Talk Space took our readers on a journey to the latest Mars landing and everything leading up to it. If you are interested in our past Let’s Talk Space blogs, you can read the latest volume here if you haven’t yet: 

Now SPACEtalks will bring you just this, except you will have the opportunity to hear developments from industry professionals themselves, network and connect with them in person too! The day is all about building a bridge between your R&D, IP and commercial departments, learning about business management practices and finding out about the latest trends in space funding & investment. If you have any questions about the event, or would like to request your free copy of our event brochure, get in touch! Request a brochure and contact us: 

Designed for aerospace, related industry professionals, decision makers at aerospace commercial organisations, start-ups, governmental agencies and academia, our SPACEtalks event is a one-of-a-kind space tech experience, with thought-provoking discussions about space R&I and current trends, giving you the chance to network in-person and to learn all about the future of the space sector. We are expecting attendees from a wide range of backgrounds, including AI system manufacturers, policy advisors, government officials, cyber security and legal providers and more! Not sure if the event is made for you? We have a whole list of sectors we expect attendance from for our SPACEtalks event:

SPACEtalks 2.0 will take place 9th September 2021, at the stunning Studio Spaces venue, near the Tower of London as part of Cosmonauts Tech Week 2021. 

SPACEtalks is being launched as part of Cosmonauts Tech Week 2021, a whole week packed with tech development series including agritech and IP. 

In case this is not quite the event you were looking for or you want more, we have a wide range of portfolio of packages for all your business needs! Find out more about what Cosmonauts can offer you:

There you have it, everything we wanted to tell you about the exciting relaunch of SPACEtalks! Join us on a journey through the business of space! Until our next blog post!

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