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SPACEtalks is less than one month away! 

Cosmonauts is pleased to announce the third instalment of our SPACEtalks event, a space inspired conference with a commercial focus, taking place at Harwell Campus in partnership with the Science & Technology Facilities Council, on the 27th April 2022, and virtually for a wider audience.

As we gear up for the event later this month, we’re sharing some of the panel sessions from last year’s SPACEtalks event. Bringing together the brightest minds in the industry, government experts and industry professionals, the SPACEtalks panel sessions facilitate powerful discussions regarding space tech and the future of the industry.

Take a look at last year’s panel session recordings, and get excited for what’s in store for SPACEtalks 3.0 later this month! 

Interested in hearing more from our speakers? Come join us at SPACEtalks! Visit our website to learn more about this year’s event speakers and to purchase your tickets.

United, We Reach For The Stars

Kicking off last year’s event, this panel discusses the importance of leveraging collaboration between the public and private sector to enable global access to space. 

• Stuart Laws | Assistant Head in the Defence Innovation Directorate | Ministry of Defence

• Mark R H Burrows | Head of Business Incubation | Harwell Campus

• Aravind Ravichandran | Director of Strategy, Space & Federal | Tomorrow.io

• Martin Bloom | Corporate Advisory Board Member | Seraphim Space Fund

Personal Insights into Space Robotics & Space Exploration

As a Space Consultant with more than 30 years of experience in satellite manufacturing & environmental testing, human spaceflight, space robotics and the global Space Industry, Ray Stott shares his personal insights on space robotics and their relation to space exploration.

• Ray Stott | International Liaison Manager | SpaceSpecialists Ltd

Taking Cautious Risks

Does commercialisation of space activities allow for greater risk management in space? Check out what our speakers have to say!Timo Karakashev | Founder & CEO | Cosmonauts 

• Bryant Mishima-Baker | Attorney | United States Air Force 

• Dr Lamont Colucci | CEO/Co-Founder and Senior Consultant | Space Fund Intelligence 

• Christoph Beischl | Research Fellow | London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL) 

• Dr Matjaz Vidmar | Early Career Researcher in Innovation/Space Sector | The University of Edinburgh

Waves of Space Commercialisation

Last year’s keynote speaker, Andrew Aldrin, uses his background in government research, the aerospace industry, and academia to share more about the history of commercial space.

• Andrew Aldrin | Program Coordinator, Masters of Space Operations | Embry Riddle University

Aerospace R&D

In this stand-alone session, Liall Arafa discusses R&D tax credits, and how they can be used to gain industry insights.

• Liall Arafa | Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Partnerships | Granter

Holistic Space

In this panel, our speakers discuss the opening of doors to wider commercialisation opportunities within popular earthly industries.Timo Karakashev | Founder & CEO | Cosmonauts 

• Paul Bhatia | Ambassador | ESA Business Applications 

• Chris Carberry | CEO | Explore Mars 

• Annette Toivonen | Senior Lecturer in Space Tourism | Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences 

• Dr Wei Sun | Vice President of International Business | HEAD Aerospace Group

Not Just for Fanboys

How can you build a strong value proposition for the wider investment community? Our speakers talk it over in this panel session.Eric Stallmer | Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy | Voyager Space Holdings Inc 

• Raphael Roettgen | Managing Partner | E2MC Ventures 

• Stephan Reckie | Executive Director | GEN Space 

• Tarek Waked | Founding Partner | Type One Ventures 

• Nic Brauer | Early Stage Lead | Crowdcube

Driving Space 4.0

This panel focuses on the acceleration and simplification of R&D and manufacturing in the industryRay Stott | International Liaison Manager | SpaceSpecialists Ltd 

• Steve Rader | Project Manager | NASA – Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation 

• Dr Peter Shaw | Senior Lecturer in Astronautics | Kingston University 

• Daniel Carew | Principal | IQ Capital 

• Scot Bryson | Founder | Orbital Farms

Fireside Chat

Hosted by industry leaders, this fireside chat discusses space tech trends, innovations, and the future of the industry.

• Torsten Kreining | Publisher and CEO | SpaceWatch.Global 

• Rick Tumlinson | Founding Partner | SpaceFund 

• Robert Zubrin | President | Pioneer Astronautics

We hope you enjoyed this recap of last year’s panel sessions! If you’re interested in hearing more, be sure to join us at SPACEtalks 3.0 later this month! Tickets are available below, and both in-person and virtual attendance options are available.

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