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The technology sector kept many of our business running during lockdown. Yet, as we emerge from a post pandemic world, business-oriented technology companies need to adapt to a new society. For many that means taking inspiration from the consumer sector on how to communicate with more empathy.

The economic damage would have been far worse without collaborative technology. Businesses can now offer ‘work from home schemes’ with the help of technology, which could not have been done a decade ago.

We only have to look at the 90% increase in downloads of business applications that soared during the first week of lockdown. The popularity of companies offering cloud services, conferencing solutions, security and collaborative work tools has been significantly increased. Companies across the world will have to accelerate their digital transformation in order to adapt to the new world and survive the competition. With an increase towards automation and other remote control capabilities, there are huge opportunities for transformative technologies.

It’s more than obvious that the sales and decision-making journey will involve less physical contact and more digital touchpoints.

Now is an excellent time for B2B technology companies to evaluate their brand purpose and the way they communicate; people have taken note of the brands that have shown empathy during the lockdown and those that have not.

Some principles remain unchanged: IT buyers focus on value for money, quality and top customer experience, however brands that can communicate with empathy, build trust and put the customers need first will stand out.

Traditionally, many B2B companies communicate very objectively, even transactionally and this could change in the near future. B2B tech brands need to adapt their overall strategy in order to respond to the rapidly changing market, requirements and online-based purchasing decision processes.

B2B technology companies need to incorporate certain soft skills into their marketing and communication strategies as lockdown has impacted people greatly. They now have to focus on what their product or service can deliver in a post-Covid_19 world that needs healing.

Covid-19 has been a catalyst for digital change, leaving us in a world with different immediate needs form those at the turn of the year. Now is a great opportunity for technology brands to rethink their content and communications strategy, as this decade will be different.

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