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Want to find out what happened at Legal Innovators? You’re in the right place!

Legal Innovators UK (LIUK) 3.0 2022 returned stronger than ever, with over 630 legal industry changers joining us! We want to send out a massive thank you to all our attendees, sponsors and speakers for your insightful contributions. You are the reason that Legal Innovators was more successful than ever before! 

Taking place between the 10th and 11th of November 2022, at etc.venues St Paul’s, Legal Innovators, if we say so ourselves, was a raving success! With over 630 attendees, 12 panels, 5 presentations, a demonstration by Ernst & Young LLP, exhibiting but over 15 tech innovators and much more, Legal Innovators UK was the place to be to get your teeth really stuck in to the core issues impacting the industry right now! 

The Panels Were Poppin’

With such rich and knowledgeable content provided by our fantastic panel speakers, the theatre was filled to the rafters with some having to stand to ensure they didn’t miss a moment! 

We saw wonderful discussions between Isabel Parker, Executive Director at The Digital Legal Exchange, Adam Curphey, Senior Manager of Innovation at Mayer Brown, Lucy Shurwood, Partner at Pinsent Masons LLP, Richard West, Global Head of Client Innovation, Global Head of Liability Defense at Kennedys, Paddy O’Shaughnessy, Innovator at Betty Blocks and Abbas Khan, Director of Sales at eBrevia by DFIN – speaking on a panel entitled ‘DIY – Building Tools For Clients’. Exploring the increasing trend for law firms to build their own tools for client use following a ray of  examples and what benefits do they bring! Oooff! That was definitely the panel to get your hands on! 🔧

Stellar Stand-Alone Presentations

WOW! The standalone presentations from Michael Bjerg Hansen Co-founder & CEO of Green Meadow and Phil Demetriou, Senior Director of UK and European Sales at DISCO, it was a pleasure, you really had everyone putting their thinking caps on! 🧢💭

Let’s not forget the amazing Roisin Noonan, COO at TLB kicking off the second day at Legal Innovators UK with a Keynote speech on ‘The final frontier: making legal technology work in practice’. Stressing the importance of developing templates to support the production of contracts to support in-house lawyers, and release them from their high-volume work. It was definitely not the one to miss! 🌟

Fantastic Firesides 

Two fireside chats taking place between Shilpa Bhandarkar, CEO of CreateiQ and Philippe Dorin, Head of Division at European Investment Fund from EIF, entitled ‘Digital Negotiation: The next phase of our digital transformation journey’, with the next fireside chat from Patrick Skinner, General Manager, Atticus and Greg Baker, Global Head of Practice Innovation at Linklaters, discussing ‘Picking the Right Tool in a Sea of Solutions’, let’s just say this – it was FIREY! 🔥🧯

Enticing Exhibitors! 🎡🎰🪩

The exhibiting area was an attraction itself! eBrevia by DFIN treated us to their candy grabbing machine and a game of connect four, DISCO brought along their disco ball setting the scene for the drinks receptions after day 1, private practice day, and Betty Blocks pulled out their best uniform for the conference – their colourful tulip suits straight from the Netherlands… The list of fun at Legal Innovators was endless! 

Over the course of the two days at LIUK, we had a blast and we hope you did too! All our speakers, sponsors and attendees are the reason why London became the top destination for Legal professionals to come along and share their cutting edge expertise, even despite the travel disruptions! 

Highlights From Heaven

Of course we had MANY highlights from the two days, so let’s rewind and relive our favourite memories from Legal Innovators!

Day 1:

  • Zach Abramowitz, Founder of Killer Whale Strategies kicked off the conference very charismatically whilst making some fantastic points on his ‘Efficiency is for Amateurs’ presentation: “Legal tech should meet lawyers where they are”, “Technology that helps lawyers gain high value, new business or look great in front of their client will be successful!” Preach that!
  • One of our favourite one-liners from the event was “AI is becoming my BOSS!” stated by the one and only Jeremy Coleman, Head Of Innovation at NRF. Can you relate? 🙈
  • Lucy Shurwood, Partner at Pinsent Masons, shared her goals for the industry by hoping for consolidation whilst keeping space for innovative practices! Manifestation makes dreams come true. 🙏
  • Charlotte Smith, Founder of Level7 Legal and a legal tech legend, mentioned that “The biggest gift that firms can give is time”. We’ve all heard that before! 

Day 2:

  • Roisin Noonan, COO at TLB, dished out the hard facts🤯; “77% of legal tech implementations fail.” She explained a few reasons for these failures such as; the solutions are not plug and play, there is no stakeholder buy-in, the tool is not fit for purpose and too many requirements. What are your experiences with adopting tech?
  • We had some great points from the panellists discussing ‘Getting CLM Right’ 
    • “Why digitise something if it needs fixing?”  
    • “If done perfectly, the contract wouldnt be looked at again!”           ”
    • “Transformation doesn’t just have to be digital”                                                    

Thank you for the amazing takeaways; Gaurav Gupta, Siân Ashton, Jonathan Gaw, Charlotte Leigh, James May and Grant Hewlett.

  • April Brousseau, Director, Research & Development at Clifford Chance, gracing us with her expertise at yet another conference mentioning that productivity does not equate to effectiveness! You tell them April! 💁🏻💅
  • Matt Whalley, Partner at Global Law SaaS Technology Lead and Global Solution Owner: EY Data Permissions Navigator from Ernst & Young LLP treated us to a remarkable product demo! With over 54 people joining in to see Matt demonstrate the forefront ‘EY Data Permissions Navigator (EY DPN)’. That was one hell of a product demo! 💥 

There was never a quiet moment at Legal Innovators UK 3.0 2022! Catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones, two full days of fun. Let’s not forget the wholesome suits worn by the Betty Blocks team, repping the Netherlands! AHHH we could list a hundred more!

What were your highlights! Complete the form below to share your thoughts with the team.

Say Cheese! 

And now to the even more exciting bits! We’ve gathered our favourite moments from LIUK 3.0 just for you! Check them out, maybe you made it, nothing better than catching yourself in the act 😉! 

Day 1

Day 2

Stay in Touch

Don’t forget to check out the digital delegate kit! This is the perfect way to check in with the event sponsors and follow up after the networking conversations you had at the conference. Check it out below! 

Do you want to take part in any of our events? Contact the team! 

This is Not a Goodbye!

It’s not been long but we miss you already! There was nothing better than seeing and hosting you all and we can’t wait to see you at Legal Innovators UK 4.0 2023. Make sure to pre-register to stay updated! 

If Legal Innovators UK 4.0 is too far away, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; Cosmonauts host many more industry leading events, find out more below and get involved! 

Our Upcoming Events:

Future Lawyer Week Africa (Legal Technology): February 21st-23rd 2023

Dublin IP and R&D Summit (Intellectual Property): March 20th -21st 2023

Future Lawyer Week UK (Legal Technology): April 24th – 26th 2023

Legal Innovators California (Legal Technology): June 7th – 8th 2023

Future Lawyer Week USA (Legal Technology): Dates TBC

SPACEtalks (Space Commercialisation): Dates TBC

Legal Innovators UK (Legal Technology): Dates TBC

London IP Week (Intellectual Property): Dates TBC

GAIA (Agri Technology): Dates TBC

Tomorrow Matters (Green Technology): Dates TBC

Thank you!

We want to again extend our thank you to our amazing sponsors, in helping us to make Legal Innovators UK the best that it can be. Thank you; Ernst & Young LLP, DISCO, Betty Blocks, Relativity, Linklaters, Exterro and many more! Click the button below to check out the crowded list! 😎

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