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GAIA is Just a Couple More Sunrises Away!

In case you haven’t heard – the Global Agritech Investment Assembly (GAIA) is showing up on the horizon, and we are beyond excited to let you know all about it and how you can be a part of this groundbreaking event.

GAIA aims to promote the best agricultural technologies to make farming more accessible and guarantee the highest quality for its customers. To accomplish this, GAIA has gathered professionals from various innovation and technology fields to network with global agribusiness companies, farmers, and investors.

Join us at etc.venues St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate St, London on the 25th of October.

To learn more about GAIA visit our website!

The Devil’s in the Detail

Get excited because we have prepared various topics including vertical farming, modern agriculture, sustainability, and many more. The conference aims to address the industry’s setbacks and promote the most efficient, effective, innovative solutions.

‘The Devil’s in the Detail’ is one of our panels that you would not want to miss out on. At GAIA, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality food. To achieve this dream, we combine the latest technology and innovations with agriculture to ensure only the best for our clients. At GAIA, we aim to reshape and significantly impact food production. To learn more, join us at the event, and don’t miss out on ‘The Devil’s in the Detail’ panel as we discuss building high-precision controlled environments to produce future food. 

Who better to learn from than our speakers? Keep reading to find out who our amazing speakers on this panel are!

James Lloyd-Jones, Founder and CEO of Jones Food Company will be one of our speakers on  “The Devil’s in the Detail” panel. James is driven by a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, he set out to scale vertical farming. After receiving his first funding in early 2018, he built Europe’s largest vertical farm in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. The JFC growing estate continues to expand as the company broke ground last year on what will become the world’s largest vertical farm.

Not coming from a horticultural background himself has allowed James to go into the field with a pragmatic business mind and the agility to pivot quickly and scale on an exceptional level. He predicts vertical farming could provide 70% of the UK’s fresh produce within the next 10 years. 

Thibaut Pradier, CEO at La Grangette is our other speaker on the panel. Thibaut is a visionary entrepreneur with a track record of professional success in various fields, such as the music industry, hotel and event management services, and the construction industry, before creating La Grangette. He shared with us, “I’m convinced that, one day, our kitchens will have indoor vegetable gardens and that these will become standard features – just like fridges and washing machines are today.”

His ambition is to be the worldwide leader of consumables for home farming appliances.

Ben Scott-Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of The Small Robot Company, will join James and Thibaut in the discussion. Ben is an accomplished digital entrepreneur focused on geospatial and mobility technologies. He co-founded Small Robot Company in 2017 with a vision to transform food production with accurate, smart, lightweight robots. His background is next-generation geolocation technology and user experience design, shaping Ordnance Survey’s digital transformation and starting the first agency UX capability in Europe. A winner of Experience Innovator of the Year, Ben is an experienced technology entrepreneur and early mobile technology innovator, including a phone for blind people.

If you are curious about who the rest of our speakers are, secure your ticket today and not miss out on the fun GAIA has prepared.  

Join the Green Tech Journey 

Fancy promoting your agritech services to a room full of investors, government policymakers and farmers? Then GAIA is the place to be!

Sponsor our event and use this golden opportunity to promote your brand, stand out from the crowd and get as much attention and noise around your company as possible! Grow your network, acquire future partnerships and connections and be an industry leader in the world of agritech. At GAIA, we offer different sponsorship packages from which you can choose. To learn more about them and their benefits, we have made it easy for you – read our blog or contact our sales team for further details.  

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