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In early 2020 our client, Legal Connection, managed to do the almost impossible: They found a great venue that they could use, free of charge, in the heart of London, The Microsoft Reactor, to run an event on legal freelancing.  And they managed to convince the Solicitors Regulation Authority to agree to appear and talk at the event including a live Q&A session, on-stage.  An event like this would surely attract a big crowd of London legal professionals interested in the freelance model.

But fate had other plans.  No sooner had the venue, date and time been locked down, it seemed something else would be locked down.  The world.  As offices closed and all events were postponed, Cosmonauts decided to run our first fully virtual event, pilot testing a new product called Webinar Jam in the process.

If you’re reading this today in September 2020, virtual events and webinars are all over your timeline.  But back in April this format was still very much experimental and with the SRA in attendance and many people confirmed, this was a high-stress endeavour.

The event was a massive success.  Rather than just attracting London Lawyers, we were able to draw a crowd from across the UK.  And the format proved to be a great deal more interactive than a live event.  The speakers from the SRA were able to appear on the panel whilst simultaneously answering questions in the live Q&A section.


We’ve run 4 webinars with Legal Connection.  The format has proven incredibly impactful.  CEO Guy Stern writes the following:  “Each time we do a webinar, I get a chance to demo the product live to people who have never seen it.  When that happens, I almost always get a number of LinkedIn requests of people wanting to learn more about the product.  This has been an amazing tool for business development and the gift that keeps on giving!”

Cosmonauts Webinars are out of this world.  Get in contact with us to discuss your next virtual event.

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